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Tower of the Monkey in Rome

Today with “Italy Rome Tour” we are among the Portuguese street and Pianellari street, a few steps from Piazza Navona, as usual, on the trail of some ancient history and fascinating. In particular, our attention dwell on the tower, which is just down the street of the Portuguese, the tower of the Frangipane that, although it is now surrounded by buildings, we have been here for over a thousand years.

This tower is better known as the “Tower of the Monkey.” That’s why.

Legend has it that centuries ago a family that lived here, perhaps to follow a trend frivolous and exotic at the time, was chosen as a cute pet monkey named Hilda. Hilda was tame, free turning for home, he followed the family members and ran from the master to the call of his whistle.

The family had a new baby a few months ago, which obviously gathered the attention of everyone, including Hilda, although the monkey was kept at a safe distance. But as many will know, the monkeys often have a habit of imitating what an employer, and Hilda always wanted to imitate the gestures of the mother of the newborn in changing bands to the child, which is of course that he had never been allowed.

One day it so happened that in an unguarded moment the infant was left temporarily unattended with the above monkey. Hilda, taking the opportunity, braced the child to have fun wrap it, but, evidently aware that could be disturbed by the arrival of someone, decided to exit the window and climb on one of the battlements at the top of the tower, bringing with them the baby!

As soon as the alarm was given, it is easy to imagine the despair of family members to view their child’s teetering on the edge of the tower in the hands of the monkey! In that moment of terrible anxiety, parents prayed to the Madonna swearing that if they recovered without prejudice to their child, they had erected in gratitude to that point in a tower with his statue next to a light always on.

As he finished this story?

Well, legend has it that, with the usual whistle of call, the monkey put the child in the tower and ran to the master … and the child was rescued. But this epilogue you could understand it by yourself, because the promise was kept, and in fact on the “Tower of the Monkey” by way of the Portuguese is still the statue of the Madonna flanked by a light always on.

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