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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will I know who is the Tour guide?

He will be wearing a badge with the name, last name and above all Guida Turistica printed on it. The most important thing to know is that official tour guide don’t pay any tickets to enter to the attractions.

Can I book Just a driver/guide that will show me around?

Yes you can, but the driver/guide will Not come inside with you in any attraction and the cost is more convenient.

Will we have one Guide throughout our tour?

Guides in Rome are all licensed. Some are just licensed for their own city, some have licenses that permit them to guide in other cities. It will depend on the availability of guides at the time of your tour. Most guides are contracted by more than one company. We do have some guides that work permanently for us.

Do I get the requested driver-guide?

We wish to guarantee to you the driver you requested. You probably read about him or he was suggested by a friend and knowing that he will be assigned to you maybe will let you feel more secure about booking a tour with us. We schedule the drivers tours at the beginning of each week and try to do our best to assign to each customer the requested driver. This happens most of the times but not always.

Will our guide & driver be with us for the whole trip?

In general, you will have a different guide and driver in each main area that you visit. For example, you would have one guide and driver in south of Italy, and a different guide and driver in central or north Italy.

Can the driver speak English and act as a guide?

The drivers will speak english but he cannot work as a tour guide. In Rome, drivers are just drivers. Tour guides need to be licensed by the National Tourism Authority. Tour guides are the only persons legally entitled to escort tourists. Italy Rome Tour specialists in arranging tours with private drivers and qualified professional tour guides.

What is the difference between a tour guide and a tour escort with bus with over 8 passengers?

Bus with driver and tour guide. A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state / country. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A licensed guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history. Naturally, their services will cost more. Honestly their service is more requested since they study a lot and most are still at school, and give more or less the same information the professional guides do.

Do you need a guide or porters? Do you have to join an organized tour?

In practical terms, there’s no need for a guide as the trail is fairly clear and well signposted where necessary. However, new regulations are now in force which make it mandatory to travel with either a licensed guide or an organized tour. You’re not obliged to join an organized tour, but if you want to travel independently, you’ll need to get some other walkers together and hire a guide jointly. Solo walking no longer seems to be an option.

What is the dress code for The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St.Peter's Basilica?

The Vatican has a very strict, but very simple dress code: shoulders, abdomen, or knees must be covered. Footwear of any kind (we recommend comfortable footwear), jeans, and capris are ok. It is also not possible to wear hats within the basilica.

Do we provide a tour guide?


Should I tip our Guide/Driver?

Extending a gratuity to your guide or driver is strictly optional, but it is appropriate to offer a small token to symbolize your appreciation. A commonly accepted guideline is 10-20% tip. Tipping your tour guide is left to your discretion.

Are dogs allowed on tour?

No, service dogs are not allowed on the general tours.

Can we book a tour without an official tour guide?

Yes you can if you choose the option to do the Rome private tour with a driver-guide.

Can I book a last minute tour?

For last minute tour ( under 7 days ) contact directly our office from 7:30 am until 7pm for availability. (3am usa east coast till 1pm usa east cost time) at +39-3939901484 or let us know when we can call you in order to confirm your reservation.

Is it possible to visit the coliseum and the Roman forum with people with disability or with a wheelchair?

It’s possible only for the coliseum. For the Roman forum is Not possible.