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The Roman dish that conquered the United States

Rigatoni alla Zozzona are one of the most famous first courses of the Roman tradition, a humble recipe full of flavors that abounds in Roman spirit. A pasta that brings together all the regional specialties that pays no attention to calories and that has also conquered the United States.

If we talk about the Roman culinary tradition we cannot help but mention the Zozzona pasta, an extraordinary mix that contains within it most of the most famous first courses of the Capitoline cuisine, made of humility and abundance, of simple ingredients in generous doses, of dishes rich in flavors that pay little attention to calories.

Sausage, bacon, gravy, eggs and pecorino cheese, these are the ingredients of the legendary Zozzona, a dish that has conquered not only the palates of the capital but which has also exalted the taste buds overseas, yes because this is one of the coolest recipes in the United States United States of America.

A poor pasta born from an anti-waste perspective that looks a lot like a synthesis of carbonara, cacio e pepe, amatriciana and gricia, the zozzona is a timeless concentrate of Romanism, a true dish and also tremendously current given its genesis.

The New York Times sponsored and praised the Zozza recipe, enhancing its flavors and strong ecological spirit, already because reuse is a hot topic and as far as recycling in the kitchen is concerned, the Roman tradition certainly has a lot to teach.


Americans will most likely have been enticed by the richness of the dish, in the States high-calorie foods are certainly not a taboo and the abundance of fats in the filthy area will certainly have satisfied even the most demanding stomachs. On the preparation it will be necessary to maintain reservations despite the fact that the US newspaper has published the recipe and a video that illustrates the step-by-step procedure.

Here on the peninsula we are by now accustomed to seeing our dishes crippled by chefs from all over the world, preparations that make us shiver and truly questionable reworkings.

The recipe isn’t that complicated. After leaving the bacon and sausage to sweat in their own fat, add the tomato pulp and add salt. Then we move on to the cream made of egg yolks, pepper and Roman pecorino, be generous. Drain the pasta al dente, preferably rigatoni, and stir in the sauce, then away from the heat, add the egg and a little cooking water. A few stir-fries, a little more pecorino and you are ready to serve. I recommend you abound, be Roman.

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