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JUBILEE 2015 Extraordinary Holy Year (FAQ)

St. Peter's Square

What Jubilee is

Jubilee is an epochal event for christianity, it is defined as the year of remission of sins and pains, it is also the year of solidarity and sacramental atonement. Also known as Holy Year it is documented in holy Bible and usually recurs once in fifty years, but can recur for extraordinary recurrences as well. Jubilee years are important to the faithful as they allow them to receive special indulgences, the highest form of forgiveness.

The Inauguration Mass For Pope Francis

How Jubilee is celebrated

Millions of pilgrims coming from all around the world gather in Rome, the heart of Christianity, to celebrate this historic event and to share joy and devotion. Different cultures and ethnic groups joined by a huge positive bond, faith.

Giotto - Bonifacio VIII - San Giovanni in Laterano

Jubilee history

The first Jubilee was called with such purpose by Pope Boniface VIII in 1300. Holy Years were initially to be held once every century, but the term was later shortened to 25 years. Jubilees falling on those years are known as “ordinary” as opposed to the “extraordinary” ones that are called by a pontiff for some special occasion.

Alberto e Papa Giovanni Paolo II

Great Jubilee of 2000

The last ordinary Jubilee, known as the “Great Jubilee” was held under St. John Paul II in 2000 to mark the start of the third millennium. The 2000 Jubilee drew some 25 million pilgrims to Rome, representing a huge jump in the number of annual visitors to the ancient city, about 25% more.

Pope Francis

2015-2016 Holy Extraordinary Jubilee

The last 13 march Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Holy year dedicated to “the mercy of God”. Pope Francis made the announcement in a penitential liturgy for Lent, and announcing the new Jubilee Francis said his intention was to keep the church’s doors open not to exclude anyone from God’s mercy. “The bigger the sin, the greater must be the love that the church shows to those who convert,” he stated.

Via della Conciliazione


Jubilee will begin the 8th December 2015 with the opening of the holy door of Saint Peter Basilica and will end the 20th November 2016.

rom :: panorama colosseum IV

Why you can’t miss 2015 Jubilee

Take advantage of this unparalleled event to Visit Rome and its endless beauties. December it’s a lovely day to visit the Eternal City, that in this period of the year acquires even more charm. Christmas time is magic in Rome, with its lights, decorations, markets, elegant boutiques and interesting music, theatre and art events.

Rome will become even greater

In occasion of the jubilee, interventions will restart and Rome will have a great positive impulse from it. The Vatican and the Government are making plans about “proposing a wide city extended to outer areas”. Churches in the suburbs will be renovated and valued, besides, the areas in front of the railway stations will be rearranged, with shuttles and direct transfers for tourists and pilgrims.

Don’t miss this unparalleled event and book in advance a trip to Rome for next December!
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