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Hostaria Antica Roma – Top Tables Top Cities

Let’s take a walk on Via Appia, the first built and strategically most important Roman road of the ancient republic, that connected Rome to Brindisi (in Apulia). They say that all roads lead to Rome, but only this road leads to Hostaria Antica, one of the best restaurants where to savor the genuine traditional Roman food.

We want to guide you through this wine and food cultural jewel of the eternal city to which the National Geographic tv show “Top Tables Top Cities” dedicated an entire episode broadcasted in 50 countries. When you stumble upon this restaurant you feel like you are in the middle of an archaeological site, and examining it closer you can realize that isn’t just an ancient residence, but that we are dealing with a real burial chamber.

Managed by the great chef Paolo Magnanimi, Antica Roma boasts without a doubt one of the best locations in town and also the most peculiar and tasty Ancient Roman cuisine. Opened in 1987 it has a long tradition made of amazing dishes that preserve Rome’s culinary history, like the delicious Ancient Roman Lasagna.

Now sit down and relax while admiring this work of art with burial elements used as architectural adornments. We are talking about world’s only restaurant created inside a real mausoleum built 2000 years ago. It was built for Augustus where he was buried. In addition to the extraordinary location the restaurant secret it’s undoubtedly its food. Following Ancient Roman recipes of 2000 years ago the chef gives birth to mouth-watering dishes.

A really interesting anecdote is that in the restaurant you can find the oldest cookbook of the world, “A cena da Lucullo”, written in the I century. Looking at the menu you will notice that the Ancient Roman cuisine was completely different from the present one; this element confers even more uniqueness to the place. For instance in Ancient Rome there were no tomatoes at all, indeed the special lasagna of Antica Roma is without tomatoes but not for this less savory.

Called Patina Cotidiana, it’s prepared with beef, fennel and cheese. After the amazing lasagna we can move towards the second dish. You have to try the signature dish, the chicken prepared with fish sauce instead of salt (Ancient Rome method for seasoning). People from all over come to Antica Roma to taste this very good chicken that surely won’t let you down! We know now you want go for dessert! Well, due to the fact that Ancient Roman pastry wasn’t so good, Paolo will serve you a creamy and smooth Tiramisu, an Italian specialty that literally means “pick me up”.. And it does!

In an unusual but unique location this restaurant offers a rare opportunity to taste peculiar Ancient Rome food inside ruins and a sample the origins of what later has become one of the world’s most popular cuisines. Book a Rome Tour with us and we will make you savor a fantastic lunch at Hostaria Antica Roma!

Chef Paolo Magnanimi - Cooking Class