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Free outdoor baths in Italy

The italian Thermal Baths are famous all over the world especially for the natural beauty of the landscapes by which they are surrounded

Immerse yourself in a natural pool and be pampered by the warm waters of small wellness oasis surrounded by the nature, in Italy it is possible and also free. In fact, from Piedmont to Sicily, our country offers pools excavated into the rock and natural waterfalls, real natural spa in the open air, ideal places to regenerate your body and mind.
The healing properties of the thermal waters were already known in ancient times. During the ancient Roman Empire, the thermal phenomenon had a huge development. Initially the use of the baths had a purely hygienic meaning, later, the frequentation of the baths behan to have therapeutic purposes such as the treatment of respiratory and kidney diseases.

Let’s find out some of the most charming free thermal baths in Italy!

Thermal Baths Bormio (Lombardia)

The thermal baths of Bormio are natural pools formed by stones and located at the feet of a creek, which collects the hot thermal water coming from the rock wall. The surrounding landscape is very impressive, especially in winter, when everything is covered with snow. The red and gray stone blend seamlessly into the background of emerald green surroundings.

Thermal Baths San Filippo (Tuscany)

Bagni San Filippo and its free sources (Castiglione d’Orcia), in the province of Siena, are located in a green area near Monte Amiata. Mount Amiata is an old volcano that enriches the entire surrounding area of hot water springs (such as Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, etc …). The baths can be reached through a path in a forest and include also small pools and small waterfalls, with a temperature ranging from 30° to more than 40°. You will find a series of natural pools to immerse yourself in, topped by a characteristic limestone rock similar to a mountain glacier.

most beautiful free thermal baths

Thermal Baths Bagnaccio (Lazio)

The province of Viterbo has a rich thermal lagoon, where you can find many free areas to enjoy the pleasures of the spa in close contact with nature. Among these are the Sorgenti termali del Bagnaccio, located in the open countryside. From here, in water you can admire meadows and the Apennines chain. This area includes five free tanks both hyperthermal(65-66° C) and hypothermal (23-29° C).


Thermal Baths Ischia (Campania)

It is the island of hyperthermal sources, known since the times of the Romans. One of these places is a free bath, Terme di Sorgeto, nestled between the rocks sheer in the sea. The hyperthermal waters come out from the seafloor at temperatures that can reach up to 90°, thus creating a valuable mixture of sea water and thermal water. Among other peculiarities of this magical place it is possibility to make some regenerating sludges, just grinding the stones that surround you.

Thermal Baths Ponte bagni (Sicily)

The hot springs of Sicily are found almost exclusively near the coast, allowing the water of volcanic origin to mingle with that of the sea, creating sulfurous hot springs. Surrounded by the wild nature, among rocks and reed beds there are the free baths of Ponte Bagni. They are made of hot sulfurous water with a temperature that is around 46°, which emerge directly from Fiume Caldo. Its waters are used for baths, muds, antrotherapy and to treat rheumatic, respiratory and skin diseases.