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5 reasons why you should visit Italy

Why chose a normal trip when you can book a tour of Italy?

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Pasta mit Fleisch


The first and the main aspect of Italian culture is Food. Italian food culture is a mix of all the different populations who have lived in our land for centuries. As a result we have many different recipes and traditions, that everyone envies us, and that have in common the religion and the festivities, because some of them were invented by the nuns. Besides, on Italians tables there are strict rules to follow. Read our tips about what to avoid to ask or expect when you order a dish at the restaurant.
Things that you will never see on Italy tables: the dining etiquette

Sassi di Matera........


One of Italy’s strong points is the massive richness of every city and region in terms of breathtaking natural landscapes, works of art, architecture and obviously the excellent food and wine culture. For these reasons, Italy is the only country that holds the world record of sites included in the World Heritage list by UNESCO (51 Italian attractions). We listed down 3 sites, have a look!
Italy, realm of UNESCO sites



Italy is the land of poets, navigators, composers, but especially is the land of Art par excellence: Rome, Venice, Palermo, Florence, Napoli and so on. All these cities host marvellous works of art by the greatest artists of all time. Every city is a museum itself in which you can admire the greatness of painters and sculptors such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Caravaggio, Donatello, Canova and Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
5 Italian museums not to be missed

San Marino Twilight

Italy uniqueness

Italy includes three countries. It means that the main country actually contains 2 city-states considered independent countries which govern themselves. The first is the Republic of San Marino, the world’s oldest Republic, and the second is Vatican City, the Pope residence but also the world’s smallest country.

Sardegna- Capo Testa


Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea…which do you prefer? From north to south, Italy has a huge and varied natural heritage. But, there is another reason to visit Italy especially in summer, the variety of its beaches: sandy beaches, rocky beaches and black beaches surrounded by three different seas. What more do you want?
Islands paradise: top 3 most beautiful Italian islands

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