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Most beautiful Italian villages to visit in Spring – top 10 (vol.1)

All Italian regions are beautiful and present peculiar features that make them unique. Ancient Roman villages, Middle Ages constructions, breathtaking views on the sea, pebbled and narrow alleys memory of remote eras, timeless monuments and attractions that only Italy has, magic places where time seems to have stopped. In this article we have enlisted our top ten of most beautiful Italian villages to visit in Spring, to guide you through your next trips in Italy. We wonder what you views are on that.

Saint-Pierre (Aosta Valley)
A little village of “Valle d’Aosta” on the river Dora Baltea that will conquer you with its charming medieval atmosphere. The typical place you find in fairy-tales also thanks to its castles: Saint-Pierre and Sarriod de la Tour. The former, dating back to thirteenth century, hosts a life science museum, the latter goes back to fourteenth century amd it’s so important from an artistic point of view, due to its reception room for visitors decorated with 170 figurines on the ceiling beams. A real jewel.

Aosta Valley Morning

Stresa (Piemonte)
Called the “queen of Lake Maggiore”, Stresa could seem an unreal place. Flowering gardens sprawling in flower and mountains covered with snow that frame the village, a very special location for your five stars holiday. On the slopes of Mottarone you will admire the Lake Blue that will amaze you with its shimmering show of the nearby enchanting Borromean Islands. Take a motorboat to reach the close by Isola Bella or Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Madre. Can’t miss also an excursion to Villa Taranto’s botanical gardens, among the most important in all Europe.

Italy-01978 - Side view of the Mansion

Caorle (Veneto)
We are dealing with the only church on the sea of the entire Triveneto that makes this tiny village in the province of Venice a super romantic postcard location. You should know that even the great Hemingway was fascinated by Caorle and depicted it in its novel “Across the River and into the Trees”. But it doesn’t end here… sunny beaches, lagoon landscapes and a famous navy. For the above mentioned reasons and many others this spot is becoming more and more popular among tourists day by day. In addition it is a perfect place for families that can find every comfort here.

Caorle - Madonna dell'Angelo

Monteriggioni (Toscana)
The father of Italian language wrote about it. Dante indeed mentioned Monteriggioni in its masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, citing its towers that surround the villages to describe the magic aspect of this Tuscan “borgo”. A real space-time gate for Middle Ages, the village is a treasure chest characterized by massive walls that tie it, geometries of olive trees and ploughed fields. A fantastic place that you can find only in Tuscany. And also: the thirteenth century castle (dating to the historic state of Republic of Siena) and the evoking cobblestones alleys to compose a unique Italian painting.

Santa Maria en Monteriggioni

Labro (Lazio)
Last step is our beloved Lazio with the lovely Labaro. In the Province of Rieti, it is located about 70 kilometres northeast of Rome and it’s ideal for a day trip. Just stroll through the narrow streets you will breathe centuries of history. Perched on a hill 600 mt high it presents a castle that stands above the walls of the ancient stronghold, the medieval Labro overlooks the valley in all its splendor. You’ll find inside an old painting with sandy little houses with pitched roofs, like into a nativity scene. To crown its beauty we have charming Lake Piediluco and behind it Monte Terminillo that attracts skieers from all over Europe. See you in the second chapter!

20090715_Rieti road_003