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Thermal Baths on the Snow in Italy

Snow holidays are not only a thing for skiers. There are many other reasons to spend some days in the mountains in winter. One of these reasons are the Thermal Baths on the snow.
In Italy we have several thermal resorts where you can enjoy an extremely relaxing weekend surrounded by silence and peace given by the snowy landscapes magic. While outside temperature is below zero, you can dip into a very hot water pool. Can you imagine? Is not a dream, here some of the most beautiful thermal resorts.

Thermal Baths on the Snow, Italy

Thermal baths of Pré-Saint-Didier in winter

Thermal Baths of Pré-Saint Didier, Aosta

Italian Thermal Baths on the Snow

In the heart of Aosta Valley, a very suggestive place where you will forget about the stresses of everyday life. Thermal baths here are very ancient and allow you to enjoy both outdoor baths and indoor ones, accessible through secret passages. Bath in warm and velvety waters, and let gentle hydro massages rock your body admiring the stunning Monte Bianco.


Thermal Baths of Bormio, Sondrio

Italian Thermal Baths on the Snow

In Valtellina area there are more than 2000 years old Roman Baths and centuries-old grottoes that lead to very ancient springs. Climbing up you will find panoramic indoor pool on a cliff overlooking Bormio valley. Six different areas with different thermal paths with the so called hyperthermal hot water (between 37 and 40 degrees).

Shooting at thermal baths, Merano

Thermal Baths of Merano, Bolzano

Italian Thermal Baths on the Snow

On the rivers of the Passirio stand out Merano thermal bath, a resort with a modern design that offers therapies based on local products (hay, wool, goat milk and so on). Moreover you will be welcomed by degustations of speck and cheese, together with a glass of good wine, delicious for lovers of the local cuisine.

Area piscina

Thermal Baths of Pejo, Trento

Italian Thermal Baths on the Snow

In the middle of the lush meadows of the Stelvio National parks, at the foot of the Dolomites (at 1,390 metres.), the therapeutic effects of its water has already been known in the 16th century. Even three different springs: the so-called “Fonte Alpina” (mineral-bearing), the “Antica Fonte” (ferrous mineral water) as well as “Nuova Fonte” (average carbon dioxide contents) that are fantastic for your skin.


Thermal Baths of Lurisa, Cuneo

Italian Thermal Baths on the Snow

In the province of Cuneo (Piedmont), the good drinking water of Lurisia was examined for decades also for its incredible health benefits. Very close to ski resorts, here you can alternate easily hydroponic therapies to a mountain hike on the Maritime Alps. Between mountains and sea to admire astonishing views enjoying reinvigorating thermal treatments after an absorbing skiing activity. What more could you want?

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