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The perfume of lemons, the poetry of the Garda

The most beautiful park in Italy according to the Fai elected last October, and in charge for a whole year is located on Lake Garda. And in 2013 this is doubly famous, since it is the park of Vittoriale, a place of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the birth of D’Annunzio and 75 by death.

He, the poet, died here, in the house that is only one piece of the monumental citadel created for autocelebrare an incomparable life and is buried here, in equally grandiose mausoleum overlooking the lake. The park and gardens are dotted with historical relics, and there is a corner – reopened right now for the celebrations, after a long process of recovery – which has found its wild natural beauty. It is the Pond Dances at the confluence of the waters of the Acqua Pazza Valletta and where the original vegetation has been reborn.

Easy here, in the microclimate of the lake where the scenic gardens are the norm. And where olive trees grow, the vines thrive and ripen even lemons. To discover this beautiful mixité of land, culture and taste, there is a way to measure the Wine and Dine del Garda, Brescia along the coast. A route that follows the western Gardesana through villages and fascinating, someone famous, all with the relaxing rhythms of life on the lake.

park vittoriale garda

Sirmione with the villa “Catullo” and the Scaliger Castle, all turrets and battlements, Desenzano, that the church has a ‘Last Supper by Tiepolo, Manerba with the Rock, and then San Felice, Salò, Gardone Riviera and Lemons Maderno, Gargnano and Limone Tignale where about climate and a protein discovered in the longevity of the inhabitants, bell until a hundred years. A name a destiny, it is a lemon that you can see the most beautiful groves of Lake Garda.

Stone walls that seem to be the remains of ancient fortresses, and rows of pillars as prehistoric menhirs aligned towards the lake. Lemons would come here in the thirteenth century, Liguria, led by monks, but the 700 is that Lemon becomes “the land of lemons.” The Limonaia Castèl, the largest, 1633mq, early eighteenth century, has been restored and is open to visitors, and produces lemons and other citrus fruits, even to buy. And Tignale, a dozen miles to the south, has been recovered limonaia Pra de la fam, in 1754, where they mature (few) precious lemons.

Lemons living in harmony with ancient olive trees. On the west coast is the largest number of producers of virgin dop del Garda, delicate, fruity, almond aftertaste and overflowing antioxidants. An antique oil. The Aipol, the association of olive growers Lombard, recovered the beautiful historic olive grove of the Grotte di Catullo in Sirmione, XII, 1500 olive trees, and the social cooperative La Cascina di Desenzano has marketed the first virgin, waiting for the double as the “oil of Catullus.

A celebrated organic olive oil and the oil from the olive trees of Vittoriale (in bottles phrase ad hoc Vate) are produced by the Cooperative turnaria in the Park Alto Garda in Malcesine, 6 fractions, around 1300 inhabitants and “orange flag of the Touring “(as Gardone), which speaks volumes about the quality of life in these parts. Along the Road of the Wine and Dine other mills, as Montecroce in Desenzano, Monestrini Solano, the cooperative of San Felice Benaco open to visits, tastings and purchases.

And then there’s the wine, which in this area and called Lugana is a white precious lake, which according to legend, already known from Catullus, and the famous 600. Now you try to age it well: Dal Cero family to Ca ‘dei Frati, a company founded in 1782 to Lugana di Sirmione, Lugana offers a 5-year, which has hints of spices and candied fruit. And a couple of producers, Roveglia in the “vineyards of Catullus’ and Perla del Garda in Sirmione morainic hills behind, creating an innovative Lugana late harvest.

Wine, oil (and lemons) are found, of course, restaurants del Garda, perfect companions fish from the lake. So enjoying a “menu of the lake” with the fish soup and fillet of white fish marinated in Pace Sirmione, carpaccio of trout and whitefish grilled Osteria La Mine Tignale, the lake sardines grilled Ancient Trattoria alle Rose of Salò.

While the star of the Garda, the carp, a salmonid that lives only in these waters, it has become a rarity, Slow Food. Difficult for a carp happens in networks of fifty fishermen still working on the Brescia side of the lake, but last year the Frans, aka Dominici, dynasty fishing Gargnano, I pulled on a 2.8-kg and another exemplary record, nearly 3 kg, was caught in Maderno. And I finished first in newspapers and then in the pan.