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Round and juicy: where to discover the taste of red tomato in Rome

The introduction of the tomato, the symbol of Italian cuisine in our recipes is relatively recent, dating back to the nineteenth century. This plant of the family Solanaceae, a gift from the New World, was brought to Europe in the first half of the 500 at the time of the conquest of Mexico by Cortés. And ‘likely that the first “tomatl” have arrived from Chile and Peru, along the streets of the Maya in Central America. The Spanish I quickly realized the value and gourmet tomato, led to the Bourbon court by soldiers and many missionaries, found application in recipes that still survive today. In France, the plant was treated as a cultivated ornamental elegant curiosity even in the gardens of the Sun King

By its French name, “pomme d’amour”, the fruit of love, comes our word, etymology facilitated by the fact that the first varieties arrive in our country were yellow gold. He speaks of the scholar Soderini in his work on agriculture in 1590, since that time distinguishing the two varieties brought by the Aztecs: the xi-tomatl (the classic tomato) and the mil-tomatl, the so-called tomatillo, a smaller variety. In our country, the tomato had to wait his time before the spread of the nineteenth century and its ultimate culmination in The Science in the Kitchen of Pellegrino Artusi, 1891.

Our suggestion:

Restaurant Hostaria Antica Roma

Chef Paolo Magnanimi - roman food Cooking Class

In this funny and cultured Osteria la cuisine varies continuously and is said day to day on a beautiful blackboard. The sympathy of the chef to the flavors of the emerges with all the excellent zucchini noodles with mint and pecorino linked well with a tomato base. Lasagna roman style and much more…

Via Appia Antica, 176 – 00179 Roma


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