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Put one Sciacchetrà to the Cinque Terre

Obtained from three different types of grapes left to dry on racks, Sciacchetrà the Cinque Terre is the result of a complex process of collecting and processing that makes it a very fine wine, ideal to accompany the dry pastries, pies and cheeses, but also to be used for the preparation of sorbets and jellies.

INGREDIENT Since the phase of the harvest, we realize how this wine is different from other dessert wines. The vineyards, in fact, stand on small plots of land taken away from cliffs in which you embed rugged and inaccessible. It is not easy, therefore, for farmers to reach the grapes and pick them from the top of these terraces overlooking the sea. The grapes are also subjected to a drying process totally natural and, for this reason, more prolonged in time, are left on the plants longer than normal so that they can achieve the right degree of over-ripened with the help of warm Ligurian sun.

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Once the harvest, the grapes are hand-picked and placed on racks to dry where they remain until late November, or at least for a variable time depending on weather conditions so they do not proliferate mold growth due to moisture autumn or mareggiate.Basterebbe this delicate production process to make this wine an elixir unique and extremely valuable, but there are still many features that set it apart.

Produced with three varieties, Bosco, Vermentino and Albarola, has a minimum alcohol content of 17%. Before being placed on the market is subjected to an aging period of at least 12 months of up to 36 months for the “Reserve”. It should be served at a temperature of about 14 degrees, preferably in a tulip-shaped glass which enhances the rich bouquet.

Its aromas are in fact many and reminiscent of apple, nuts, especially almonds, and dried apricot, with a nice spicy note, and in the most prestigious labels, an aroma that recalls the sea. The palate is sweet but never cloying, well structured and full-bodied, and the eye its color, intense and golden varies from straw yellow to amber for the younger type of the type more mature.

THE RECIPE Considered a meditation wine to sip in the company, preferably in the evening hours, it goes very nicely with pastries or sweetbread Genoa. Also suitable to be served as an aperitif, it is a perfect accompaniment to cheese or blue cheeses such as Roquefort. To know him in a never seen dressing is worth a try to prepare scented jellies or sorbets like the rosehips.

THE SECRET Its unusual name comes from a contraction of the term dialect “Crush and Trai.” We must, however, be careful not to confuse it with the Sciacchetrà Sciac-tra, another Ligurian wine from the nearly identical name but from very different characteristics. Product, in fact, on the Riviera di Ponente with Dolcetto grapes, it is a dry rosé wine.


THE LAND Authentic wonders of the historical patrimony of the country, the Cinque Terre, Rio maggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and Monterosso al Mare, are the villages of rare splendor. Climb steep dark cliffs and overlooking clear blue waters, offer visitors glimpses of great charm dominated by the colors of typical buildings of the area and marinate from the ancient medieval structures. Connected by a convenient and scenic rail or by picturesque paths and trails offer visitors unique scenery to admire from the many vantage points.

Do not miss the pleasant promenade that leads from Monterosso al Soviore Sanctuary, the oldest of the Ligurian dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is reached through a pine forest dotted with chapels of the Stations of the Cross. Also interesting is the hike that leads from Manarola to Volastra. Walking along an old mule surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, we arrive at this small and charming village horseshoe where, among other beauties, you can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health, in Romanesque style.

Another beautiful shrine is, however, in the hinterland of Riomaggiore. Walking on a characteristic panoramic path carved into the rock, overlooking the vineyards and the houses of the village, you reach the Sanctuary of Montenero whose first information from the first half of the fourteenth century. Nearby is also the guest rooms, a meeting point for lovers of trekking. But one of the most popular attractions and evocative of a stay in the Cinque Terre remains, of course, the Way of Love.

This adventure trail overlooking the sea connects Rio maggiore and Manarola is a stretch of the longest blue path that connects Porto venere to Levanto. It owes its name to the habit of loving couples to choose it as a destination for their romantic walks. It is no coincidence, in fact, that in the 70s the town of Rio maggiore has promoted the installation of benches along its path dedicated to heroes and gods of Greek and Roman mythology tied their love.


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