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My favourite museum is the street

Street Art Rome

If you have already seen the main attractions of Rome that made it famous all over the world, or if you are interested in admiring another form of art, particularly Street art, you should take a ride in the south area of the city.

Street art as well as the canonical art, represents the artist ideas about social and politics issues, but doesn’t content itself to relegate their opinion inside the four walls of a museum. Indeed, the street artists, using public places as if they were open-air exhibition spaces in which to exhibit his own works, reinvent crumbling buildings forgotten by the Government.

Street Art in Rome: Quadraro district

In the Quadraro district (Metro A: Porta Furba/Quadraro) there is M.U.Ro – Museo Urban di Roma, an open-air museum of urban art and the first project that regards a museum fully integrated into the social fabric, that intends to change the look of public spaces at risk for deterioration. Is a “collective exhibit” of works by international urban artist such as: Ron English, Jim Avignon, Malo Farfan, made for the city and citizens who want to live in a better redesigned area.
M.U.Ro and his Art Curator David “Diavù” Vecchiato want envolved residents, infact on his Fanpage he asks them to indicate the degraded buildings, structures both public and private, that they would turn into works of art.

street art Rome porto fluviale

Street Art in Rome: The Ostiense district

The Ostiense district (Metro B: Piramide) is without any doubt the best suited to this form of art. An area with abandoned industrial facilities, his former general markets, the Gazometer, home to advertising agencies and graphic studios, at the moment is one of the most frequented areas by the Roman underground culture.
Walking through the streets of the district you can find works by Blue (via del Porto Fluviale), Borondo, or the “Wall of Fame” by JB Rock (Via dei Magazzini Generali), a red wall of 60 meters, on which he portrayed his idols, the “Black and White power” by Lex & Sten (via dei Magazzini Generali), by Agostino Iacurci (Via Libetta) and more.
Also the railway underpass that connects the Pyramid Cestia to via Ostiense received internationally renowned street artists Ozmo, Martina Merlini, Andreco, 2501, Tellas and Gaia. A huge exhibition of contemporary art direct to the redevelopment of the area desired by the Cultural 999Contemporary, the promoter of the work.

Fortunately also Roma as Berlin, Londra, New York, awoke from slumber and began to think of street art as a form of re-evaluation of some city areas and not as illegal stuff.

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