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Did you say Aperitivo?

What to do in Rome: the best places for Aperitivo in Rome

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How to really know an Italian? See it eating! It could seem trivial, but instead it is the simple truth. It could sound like a cliché, but that is and we are so proud of it. Between Northern and Southern Italy there are not only different culinary traditions, sometimes also the way we approach food is different. There are the typical frugal meals of the bit more chaotic Northern cities; there are the long-lasting Sunday lunches, or the endless wedding dinners especially in Southern Italy that last for 2 or 3 days. But there is an Italian tradition that takes place everyday, from North to South. It is the Aperitivo time.

Aperitivo - Cocktail Martini

The Aperitivo was born in Turin more than 200 years ago, precisely in 1786 thanks to Antonio Benedetto Carpano who invented a drink called Vermouth. The new drink with a bitter taste, was so pleased to Vittorio Emanuele II that became the official drink of the Court. Since then the success of the Aperitivo was enormous. Until the present day, in the 90s when it became a real social phenomenon, an important part of Italian lifestyle. The classic glass of wine, served just with some chips, has been replaced by a long list of cocktails and different appetizers.

Aperitivo....Happy Hour in Milan

Consumed usually around 6 pm in the North and around 8 pm in the South, it is an essential and very common custom, in order to meet with friends immediately after the closing time of the offices and to nibble something with a drink. Often it takes the place of dinner and is convenient also for those who, after a long working day don’t want to go home and cook. In that case it is called Apericena (aperi-dinner) and consists in a well-stocked buffet where you can find everything: appetizers, various types of main courses, beef, fish, salads, vegetables, bread, pastries and even variants for vegetarians.

I am an aperitivo addicted, therefore I would like to suggest you where “fare un aperitivo” in Rome.


What to do in Rome: Aperitivo at Momart Cafè

(Nomentano neighborhood)
Is well-known for its aperitivo and pizza as well, taken out of the oven over and over again.
I suggest you to book in advance if you don’t want to wait for long in a queue. So long.


What to do in Rome: Aperitivo at Doppio zero

(Ostiense neighborhood)
Located in a beautiful and renovated area, surrounded by street art works, there is Doppio Zero and its well-stocked aperitivo buffet. I suggest you to arrive early, about 6.30 pm or you can risk not finding seat.


What to do in Rome: Aperitivo at Freni e Frizioni

(Trastevere neighborhood)
Outside there is a little place to relax yourself waiting for the sunset, inside a vegetarian buffet and great cocktails.