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Christmas…the meal is served!

Traditional italian christmas foods

From north to south, from Piedmont to Sicily, the Italian tables on Christmas days are linked by a common thread, that of tradition.
Homemade pasta, meat or fish, it is a tradition to spend Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day lunch, with your family, enjoying the dishes one-time and handed down from mother to daughter.

The dinner on 24th is dedicated to fish, while for lunch on 25th December it is allowed to eat meat. In both cases, you end the meal with fruit, especially oranges, nuts and a lots of sweets, all washed down with wine, sparkling wine and coffee.

This is our menu, made of different dishes from different regions. Enjoy your meal!

Birthday Lasagna

Lasagna, classic recipe for christmas

12-02 Via Emilia

Tagliatelle al ragù, classic recipe for christmas

Italian traditional christmas meal: Main course

On the italian tables, during Christmas Eve dinner, among fish main courses you can find: seafood soup, lobster taglioni, spaghetti with clams.
Instead, among meat main courses: Lasagna, Tortellini Soup or Tagliatelle al ragù, Cappelletti in brodo, Tripe with tomato sauce and cheese for a mouth-watering Christmas lunch.

l'agnello con le patate locali

Lamb, classic recipe for christmas

Italian traditional christmas meal: Second course

The codfish is the main protagonist of the tables of the big dinner of 24th and is consumed in many regions and in many ways: fried in Lazio and Campania, stewed with tomatoes, boiled in Basilicata, with polenta in Veneto.
Instead on Christmas Day is customary to eat the lamb cooked in the oven with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and white wine, it is the speciality of Roman table on Christmas Day. Cooked in other ways, it is also consumed in Abruzzo (roasted), in Puglia (baked and served with lambascioni, that is wild onions), Sicily and Sardinia (with potatoes).


Pandoro, Italian christmas dessert

Homemade Panettone Fruit Cake

Panettone, Italian christmas dessert

Italian traditional christmas Desserts

If the menu can vary from region to region, what certainly will be found on all the tables are Italian Panettone, Pandoro and Torrone. But the amazing list does not end here so we can go on with: Sicilian cassata, struffoli Neapolitan ricciarelli Tuscan and more.

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