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4 places to have a great drink in the Eternal City

Summer is already here and the Roman sun is beating hard on your head while you’re strolling through the streets. While it’s true that it’s easier to get cold water in one of the hundreds of water fountains in the city, it’s also perfectly understandable that one may one want to get something more fun in the drinks department. Never fear: Rome is packed with plenty of places to get a great cocktail. We’ve chosen a few that will be perfect for a pause after a day of walking and shopping, or an after-hours drink. And for those who favour beer, we’re adding an extra option so they won’t feel left out.

Get in touch with your inner hipster at ‘Na Cosetta

The Pigneto neighbourhood can be considered Rome’s hipster area (if you’ve been to New York, think of a more roughed up Williamsburg). Packed with street art, posters inviting to the latest underground concerts and people from all over, it has a unique flavour among Rome’s many colourful boroughs. While it’s not in the usual itinerary one might make, it’s worth it to take a cab and find your way to ‘Na Cosetta. This little vintage bistrot opened its door a couple of years ago and has already made a name for itself by combining good food, great drinks and live shows. You can find more information on their website or keep up with their daily events on their Facebook Page.

Fancy it up at the Dorsia

If you head up to the elegant quartiere Salario, you’ll find the Dorsia cocktail bar and restaurant. It’s certainly unique, with a retro-futurist design that gives it a steampunk novel feel. But while the beauty and originality of the place makes already for quite an experience, its cocktail list is the true hook to make you want coming back again and again. Whether you’re craving for a classic Negroni; a new take on a classic drink or some cocktail you’ve never heard of before, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. And if you don’t believe us, check out their Instagram account: it’s the stuff of dreams. Dorsia is located at Via Messina 42.

Do as the Romans do at the APT Bar

Monti, the rione (Latin for “region”) between Santa Maria la Maggiore and the Colosseum, is one of the most popular meeting places for the locals. Just a few steps away from its lovely piazzetta (little square), you’ll find the APT Bar. The owners describe it as a place to feel at home (APT is short for “apartment” here), and you’ll truly feel like that. Don’t hesitate to stop here for a sip of something that will make your stay in Rome even sweeter. You’ll find APT Bar at Via Clementina 9.

Go underground at the Barber Shop

There’s a growing number of speakeasies in Rome, some already world famous like the Jerry Thomas bar. But our favourite is definitely the Barber Shop. Located near the Manzoni metro station and behind the doors of a classy barber shop, you’ll go down the stairs to find yourself in a cozy bar, with cool jazz and swing music in the background, an extremely welcoming staff and a great drink list. As with all speakeasies, you’ll have to get yourself carded to get in. Look for more information on their Facebook page.

Bonus round: get your beer fix at Bir & Fud

The Trastevere doesn’t need publicity, as it’s already probably one of Rome’s most visited spots. But if you are still in need for encouragement, and you like beer, then you have to know of the best beer bars in Rome is there. Bir & Fud has a great selection of local and foreign beers, a cool atmosphere and plenty of food choices to go with your fancy IPA or your classic Lager. It’s just behind Piazza Trilussa, at Via Benedetta 23.

Don’t doubt it: Rome in the summer is an amazing place for a holiday. Want to have an amazing experience here? Contact us and let us make you fall in love with one the most beautiful cities in the world!