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We are close to the victims of the Boston Marathon

America and the world are in shock over the attack yesterday in the Boston Marathon. The official count is now three people dead, including a child of eight years, 144 of which 23 serious injuries, but they are numbers that change rapidly. Among the seriously injured there are those who have lost their legs or arms, people shot in the head, some in a comatose state.

They were joined by splinters of the two explosions occurred at 12 seconds away from each other, just before Colpey Square, in the heart of Boston, close to the finish of the marathon, one of the most watched in the world, reached its centodiciassettesima edition.

The first explosion occurred about ten minutes before three in the afternoon, when the clock marked the marathon a little over four hours of racing. Then hell: the injured were taken to hospitals neighbors, the police launched a manhunt. A video appeared to show a man who filed the backpacks behind the buildings near the finish line of the race, just behind the audience, crammed into the barricade.

President Barack Obama spoke in Washington at 18.10 yesterday afternoon to speak to the nation, to express solidarity, to promise both moral and material aid to the city and to the families of the victims. But she would not give advances on alleged perpetrators.

For now there are no claims, but you suspect two matrices, the Islamic, and the American extreme right, then an internal array or an external one: “We have no details yet do not know who are the culprits said the President, serious, determined, speaking from the White House but I know that soon we’ll find them and bring them to justice “Obama has also launched an appeal for the unity of the country: At this time – he said – there are no Democrats or Republicans, there are only Americans.

Obama is the man who captured and killed Osama bin Laden. His administration has struck with a hardness of terrorism and there is no doubt that as soon as there will be much more clarity about who has completed this task defined by the head of the Boston Police Ed Davis very well organized, made by a group who has long studied the operation.

The fact remains that for the first time since September 11, a suicide bomber was able to detonate the bombs in America. Other attempts were foiled by the police is in a plane in flight, in New York City, near Times Square.


As it happens in these circumstances, there was just a lot of confusion. They first spread news of a death toll much higher, there was talk of 12-14 people. Then it was said that the police had arrested a suspect, a 20 year old Saudi detainee in hospital, then denied news. It was also affirmed and then denied that there was a bomb at the JFK Library in Boston, the thing is still uncertain. But it is certain that there were more than two devices, perhaps even five, all, except for those exploded, defused. The massacre could therefore be worse.

Some say that marathon runners were lucky as we have closed this new American tragedy, because the number of dead could be far higher. The city celebrated Patriot’s Day a holiday that commemorates the victory of 1775 against the British at Lexington and Concorde, the schools were closed, the marathon was closing in the splendor of a beautiful spring day, in the street there were maybe a million people .

It is the bitter taste of an attack that has brought the country into the abyss of vulnerability. Suddenly come to mind images of September 11, the the Oklahoma City bombing.
For the moment there are no Italian victims. The Consul General of Italy in Boston Giuseppe Pastorelli held immediately of the crisis unit, sent its agents in hospitals and opened a telephone number with which we can put you in touch directly with the consulate.

They were perhaps three hundred Italians in Boston for the maranota between runners and family. “Until late notta Italian time we had found the Italian victims,” said Pastorelli who has kept in touch with many of the runners and the organizations that have brought them to Boston.