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Unusual museums in Rome Vol.1

Unusual museums in Rome off the typical city tours

Hidden within the streets of downtown, there is a secret Rome made of little known museums, that remain in the shadow of the most famous and most visited of the city. Alternative, playful and maybe a little bizarre, but definitely educational.

Here some suggestions…

Unusual Museums - Museo Della Pasta

Unusual museums in Rome: Museo nazionale delle paste alimentari

Perhaps one of the museums we can be most proud of. Eleven exhibition halls containing eight centuries of history of pasta, from machinery used in the production of pasta, Italy’s most famous dish in the world, to cutting techniques, equipment and selection of ingredients. The museum also includes a library that documents the evolution of pasta, with a collection of catalogs and a gift shop with all kinds of pasta-related items.

Museum of Pasta – Piazza Scanderbeg, 117

Unusual Museums - Museo delle anime del Purgatorio

Unusual museums in Rome: Museo delle anime del Purgatorio

The story goes that September 15, 1987, during the construction of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Suffrage a fire blew up. The priest, Victor Jouet, noticed that the fire and the smoke had left on the wall a drawing similar to a face. He was the soul of a deceased person trying to  get in touch with living persons from the afterworld, to ease his passage to Heaven.

Since then, the priest traveled around Europe, gathering many relics that locked up in this little room in the sacristy. We are dealing with ancient objects such as: clothing, books, photographs “touched” by the souls of the dead, where you can see strange footprints!

Museum of the Souls of Purgatory – Lungotevere Prati, 18

Unusual Museums - Vigamus

Unusual museums in Rome: ViGaMus

For true fans, or for the curious ones, here you will find a permanent exhibition of vintage consoles retracing the evolution of video games since their birth; an interactive area where you can play with the most famous retrogaming and a conference room for events and meetings. I imagine “The Land of Toys” in this manner and I don’t care to seem too old for this stuff. The museum is well frequented by men and women!

The Video Game Museum of Rome, Via Sabotino

Unusual Museums - Museo Del Giocattolo

Unusual museums in Rome: Museo della memoria giocosa

It  houses the vast collection of toys bequeathed to Palmieri’ family by Billig Hoenigsberg. With the advent of the Nazis, Fritz Billig left his land and brought with him even the toys he had received when he was a child and products of Jewish families.

Those toys for Fritz Billig became the symbol of equality among children, without culture, religion, and race distinction. The collection, which includes games and toys produced between 1900 and 1960, is representative of the wide international production of toys in Europe, America and Asia. In the museum there is also a 60-seat theater, a vast thematic library, a collection of plaques and a miniature train with its railway landscape of 25 square meters, built in 1937 in 1:43 scale, with 3.2 cm. Definitely unique in Italy. 

Toys museum, via Vincenzo Coronelli 24/26a