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Typical Roman sweets. The “Drunkards” of the Castelli

Most of the recipes of Roman cuisine originate from peasant culture. Ciambellette al vino are a dessert typical of the castles of the province of Rome in Lazio and date back to the customs of the ancient Lazio countryside.

It was prepared with makeshift ingredients by very poor families, and then became very popular thanks to the lucky flavor, enriched by the pungent taste of the wine. In the Lazio region there are several variations, including the one that involves the use of the must, which returns a sweeter flavor or the use of citrus fruits, cinnamon or fennel seeds.

They tend to be consumed throughout the year, generally at the end of lunch or dinner, but there are those who do not mind having them for breakfast, especially during the Christmas holidays.

To prepare them you need flour, baking powder, granulated sugar for the dough and covering, seed oil (someone uses olive oil) and wine which can be either red or white.

The flour and sugar are mixed with the wine and the oil and then the yeast is added. The dough will be used to shape the donuts which will be placed in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for about half an hour.


As we have seen, the recipe for donuts includes wine, but they can be eaten by sipping a glass or dipped in milk or dry. They are eaten especially in winter, it is not uncommon for them to be chosen as the end of the pasta on trips out of town to the fraschette of the castles.

The ubriachelle are also used during the wedding lunch: the spouses are given the biscuits accompanied by the Moscato wine of Terracina.

They are easily available almost everywhere, but some bakeries specialize in the recipe, including the Forno Roscioli Pietro, in the Esquilino area at Via Buonarroti 46.

The product, if good, is crumbly and light, also because it is egg-free.


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