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Things that you will never see on Italy tables: the dining etiquette

For Italians cooking is something holy (link: The Taste of Rome) and on our tables there are strict rules to follow. Italians always tend to show off the superiority of their country in front of the whole world, from the culinary point of view. That’s just how we are…we can’t do anything about it! So, if you want to have an Italian friend, follow these brief tips about what to avoid to ask or expect when you order a dish at the restaurant. Otherwise you should expect that someone sneers at you!

#1word Pizza!!

Pasta accompanied with pizza
In Italy you will never see this famous (abroad, of course!) mix. The Mediterranean diet tends to avoid the combination of carbohydrates with others carbohydrates, or at least to combine these two things together. Also UNESCO has added mediterranean diet to the list of intangible cultural heritage. So either you eat pasta or pizza, please never together in the same plate. (link: Best Pizzas in Rome )


Chicken with pasta (chicken parmesan)
Sorry, but it is pure madness. This is one of those combinations that really angers an Italian at table. The chicken parmesan, a dish of overcooked spaghetti with a spoonful of tomato sauce on top and breaded fried chicken is not a Italian recipe. We are famous for pasta, we are the largest producer of pasta in the world, our recipes count hundreds of different dishes, why you tease of fake restaurants abroad offering this dish? Pasta is good eaten alone and can replace a full course dinner.

ReeDo surreal kitchen

Spaghetti cut with the knife
This deserves the top rank. At least for me. The spaghetti are born in the sixth century BC in the kitchens of the Sultan of Bahawalpur, and was initially intended for the attendants of the kitchen. Their name is a diminutive of twine, meaning “thin string” for their long form, about 25-30 cm long. So why cut them? Rather cut off my fingers, but not spaghetti! It would be like cutting a piece of history spanning two thousand years.


Espresso is a serious matter
Every Italian meal ends always in the same way in all the cities, from north to south. It has to end with a great espresso. So, no long coffee with double cream, caffelatte or cappuccino, especially after a good plate of Tagliatelle al ragù (with meat sauce). Of course you are free to order whatever you want, but in the kitchen there will always be someone who will laugh at your expense.