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The tour of hell by Dan Brown

Among the many activities that relate to the free time, reading is one of the topics that discuss ago. Although in 2012 the “Report on the promotion of reading in Italian” has revealed that about 54% of Italians did not read a single book all year round, there are genres that they know how to draw the attention of lazy readers. The relaxation from umbrella could be the right opportunity to detach the mind from reality and catapult into a fantasy world, leaving excite, engage and kidnap the new thriller by Dan Brown, “Hell”, a book that, in no time at all, is already at the top of the sales charts and looks set to replicate the success of “The Da Vinci Code.”

Page after page, the reading can be much more than just a pastime, a real inspiration to plan your next vacation retracing those locations only vaguely imagine and carry them from the mind to the eye. The followers of Langdon will put his footsteps, admiring the places full of mystery that served as the backdrop to the new bestseller, all easily identifiable geographically. The name “hell” is now flying with his mind and he’s Divine Comedy, Dante, the Florentine poet who, besides being the protagonist of the cover, is one of the reasons that led by Harvard University scholar symbology.

inferno dan brown

The places mentioned are real and allow you to get inside the novel and follow, step by step, the trail of mystery, a large driving force for Florence, a city that, of his own, in terms of tourism works fine given the rich historical, artistic and cultural preserves such as the Uffizi and the Palazzo Vecchio, the key points to Langdon as they can to make a change to his research. The adventures of the protagonist hell are articulated mostly in the city center, a veritable theater of action, and proceeds through the Porta Romana, Viale Machiavelli, famous for being the most beautiful street of Florence, as well as the Boboli Gardens and via forth. Leaving the cradle of the Renaissance, the focus moves to the most romantic city in the boot, Venice, a pleasant reality to be experienced among its bridges and squares ready to admire the city of the Doges where Langdon will also visit the Basilica of San Marco.

This novel does not have as hell unique scenery of the beautiful country that leads in fact even outside the Italian borders to reach the ancient Byzantium, that Istanbul, the place where the mission ends of Langdon nell’Hagia Sophia, the beautiful basilica, the first church then mosque and nowadays museum, located in the Sultanahmet area and famous for its beautiful dome and to be a brilliant and brave example of Byzantine architecture.