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The Rock of the Demon in Rome

This time our little investigation leads us in the basilica of Santa Sabina. We are in Peter of Illyria square in Rome, in the center of the Aventine Hill. This area is beautiful, and Rome dominated by a period rich in legends and curiosity, and not miss chance to go back and look at something else.

In the Basilica of Santa Sabina is not difficult to find on Sundays young couples who are getting married, being one of the oldest and most spectacular churches in Rome. But maybe some duct superstitious might change your mind before you make the “big step” in this place, if he knew that the devil himself is a frequent visitor to the area.

We are in 1220. In this era, the life of St. Dominic and his brothers, according to numerous medieval legends (which remained extensive documentation), is repeatedly put to the test as “close encounters” with the devil. We are interested in a legend, however, unlike the others, has still left a tangible mark.

rock of the demon

That night, San Domenico, in ecstasy, praying prostrate on the ground at the entrance of the church, the Devil, unable to induce him to sin, somewhat annoyed, grabbed it with his claws glowing a heavy block of black basalt from the roof of the church and hurled him with unprecedented violence, all to no avail, the block fell by touching the saint, who did not even a scratch, nor turned from his prayer.

It is said that some still can perceive Satan who, from time to time, he returned to Santa Sabina, stops at the door and then, sadly, is gone.

Entering the Santa Sabina, just behind the observer, in the left corner of the basilica (who would notice that?) There is a small column tortile. Approaching the column, you see, above it, a round black stone, with large cuts, holes, like a huge claw … here’s the “lapis diabolical.”

To look good … no, definitely not a bowling ball


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