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The Pope's greeting and the cardinals began the "pre Conclave"

Thanks to “the great help,” an appeal to be like the “orchestra” where the items may be different but then in “concordant harmony” and a tribute to his successor who promised “unconditional reverence and obedience.”

Benedict XVI greets the Cardinals for the last time. A speech prepared just “imminence of the meeting,” said Father Lombardi, short but aimed straight at the heart of the Cardinals, 144 present in the Clementine Hall, many of them visibly moved. He, the Pope, instead remains throughout the meeting serene and smiling. With an unexpected act anticipates what will the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel and pays tribute to the future Pope. Greets one by one all the cardinals. Dean Sodano had asked them, before the arrival of the Pope, to be brief. But the procession is no hurry. Long handshake with the archbishop of Milan Scola. The youngest, Filipino Tagle approaches, whispers something in his ear and pulls a slight laugh. Who takes off the cap, who kneels, who kisses the ring of the fisherman. Benedict XVI smiles serenely. A farewell lasted over an hour. Some cardinal leaves him just a reminder: a letter, a book. Everyone gets a red box with a rosary. A handshake with the Mahony discussed. “I asked him to pray for the people of Los Angeles,” twitterà shortly after.

From today, the silence of Ratzinger will be filled by the councils of the masterminds who seek his successor. This morning the cardinals present in Rome will meet in an informal way. There are still games, in fact, the letters convening Sodano for the first General Congregation provided in the Synod Hall Monday at 9.30. There are 115 voters. In secret meetings already underway picks up the candidacy of Odilo Pedro Scherer, Brazilian of German origin (pleasing to Bertone) Archbishop of Sao Paulo, experience in the Roman Curia to the Congregation for Bishops. Solid doctrine, he also dimistichezza with financial matters, being one of the five cardinals who oversees the activities of the IOR. The new Pope, however, could come from Europe. Well i am 60 conclavists the Old Continent, and there are personalities like Archbishop Peter Erdo of Budapest, President of the European Bishops and the Archbishop of Vienna, Schoenborn, “Ratzinger” conservative but with great capacity for dialogue with areas most rebellious of his Church, “godfather” of YouCat, a catechism for young people appreciated all over the world. A candidate capable of representing the United States, South America and Europe is Sean O’Malley, a Capuchin missionary already on Easter Island, chaplain to the “Latinos” in Washington (while teaching literature Hispanic and Portuguese Catholic University). As archbishop of Boston has given credibility to a church destroyed by the pedophilia scandal. If elected might be called Francis I.

Will be the decisive factor in pedophilia Conclave. In various capacities ten conclavists are put out by the storm or lame-abuse. And because they are accused of covering up cases that occurred in their dioceses (Brady, Danneels, Mahony), and because with responsibility minors have been criticized for how they handled the emergence of scandals caused by pedophile priests and I have had to account in court or the public (Dolan, Pell), and because they have defended in the past years, the powerful founder of the Legionaries of Christ, a pedophile Mexican Father Maciel (Sandri who was nuncio in Mexico, King, Dziwisz, Rodè). Therefore, after the reign of the “purification” of Ratzinger and the cyclone Vatileaks, now the real opposition is not the usual one between innovators and conservatives, but between those who want to continue on the line of zero tolerance Ratzinger (as Schoenborn and O’Malley) and those (like Levada) believe that we have done enough against the abuses of the clergy and for the good name of the Church should not be exaggerated justicialism. The future is now.