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The perfect time to visit Rome and Italy

Imagine Italy like a world in miniature. Especially in this period of the year you can find pretty much different kind of climates, possibilities and different things to do.

Even if we are in midwinter, the peculiarity of our country is variety indeed. If you pack your bags and leave for Italy now, you’ll find a very miscellaneous scenery and an endless range of possibilities.

The perfect time to visit Rome and Italy - Dolomite Alps

If you are in love with snow and mountains, especially the north of Italy will delight you with its amazing dolomites, national parks and lakes. The uncontaminated nature perfectly balanced with excellent resorts and sports facilities will give you a memorable winter holiday.

If you are instead the romantic kind of traveler, you are in the right place at the right time. We recommend Veneto region that will literally amaze you with its attractions and magic. Visit Venice in this period of time and you won’t regret. The Carnival, in this unique city on the water, it’s beyond words. A timeless place that you will remember forever.

Another must-see city in Veneto, above all for Valentine’s Day, is without a doubt Verona, to live again Romeo and Juliet’s dream in a place rich of history art and love. A must-go for lovers from all around the world.

The perfect time to visit Rome and Italy - Duomo - Florence, Italy

But if you prefer a mix of art and let’s say countryside, Tuscany is your cup of tea. In Florence you’ll be struck by the renaissance masterpieces, architecture, painting and museums treasures that only Italy can offer you. But doesn’t end here, there are many city worthy a visit: Siena, Pisa, and why not, a Wine Tour in tuscan vineyards to savour the finest wines in circulation, all this with the fabulous impressionism painting-like countryside as background.

The perfect time to visit Rome and Italy - Positano

Let’s descend the peninsula towards the south Italy, the marvellous place all the world envies us. Pages and pages wouldn’t be enough to describe the spectacular beaches, sea, but also cultural and artistic gems of ancient times, heritage of the Greeks, Romans, Normans and other populations that used to live in these timeless areas: Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Basilicata for a one of a kind holiday in Italy. On top of that let’s think about the best food in the world, yes it’s right here.

The perfect time to visit Rome and Italy - Rome: Piazza di San Pietro

We have saved the best at last. And when you talk about the best you talk about Rome. After Christmas holidays the city calms a little bit down, tourists and queues diminish and you can enjoy Rome’s wonders chilling without being in a rush. We don’t need to mention Eternal City climate, do we? Sun shines everyday on this blessed city where the winter seem to not exist at all. Coming to Rome now means also to attend at once the epochal event of the extraordinary Jubilee, an historic event for all the world.

Rome has new safety measures and an extra security ultra-modern plan

Moreover, Rome has new safety measures and an extra security ultra-modern plan: nn the public transport network, at the Stadio Olimpico football stadium and in the city suburbs. Security will also be increased at major Holy Jubilee events. Hence St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican and Colosseum, for instance, will be definitely safer than ever.

Max Parini Tour Guide of Rome and Italy

Custom-tailored tours to show you around Italy and Rome without queues

Custom-tailored tours to show you around Italy and Rome without queues, and with the possibility of visiting the most beautiful attractions in depth taking your time to discover every detail of the Italian wonders. Discover more about our tours and profit of this fantastic season to tour Italy with half the crowd and double satisfaction.

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