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The most beautiful Gardens and Castles in Italy

Italy’s most beautiful Castles and Gardens

We are going to propose you a fascinating itinerary that will reach all italian regions, presenting a selection of the most beautiful gardens of the italian Castles. Timeless beauties enriched by compelling stories:

Castels in Italy:

Duino Castle (Italy)

Standing on a Karst rock spur falling sheer into the sea, with a breath-taking view over the whole gulf of Trieste, it is rich in history combined with folk legends and is characterized by unique romantic charm, in fact it inspired poets and artists. It witnessed glorious historical events and visits by illustrious figures such as: Strauss, Liszt, D’Annunzio, Twain and Rilke. Its large park (which features multicolored flowers of all species that create picturesque and charming color effects in the classic Mediterranean vegetation), is enriched by romantic avenues, full of statues and archaeological finds, with terraces overlooking the vast sea. It is possible to visit over 18 rooms of the castle and the bunker, built in 1943 as a shelter against a possible landing of the Allies. It is also used as a location for gala dinners, weddings dinners, conferences, art exhibitions, etcetera.
Italian Castle of Duino


Castles in Italy: Gropparello castle

Gropparello Castle (Italy)

The origins of this castle, perched on a crag that commands the valley below, date back to VIII century. Owned during the centuries by different important families as Pallavicino and Sforza, it represents a fine example of medieval fortification.
Knights and their ladies have been the real protagonists the history of this place full of magic. From the court you enter the bailey, which is just like a labyrinth.
The real heart of the castle are the educational activities combined to play: from the medieval market to the wedding at Court. In the old castle cellars, food according to the original recipes is prepared and you will find everything that animated the medieval market. But the main attraction is he Fairy-Tale Park, the first “emotive” park in Italy. Immersed in a natural setting of millenary rocks and centuries old trees, you will encounter characters from the imaginary world of fairy-tales.
Italian Castle of Gropparello


Castles in Italy: Pralormo and Mister Tulip

Mister Tulip and Pralormo Castle (Italy)

Drawing its origins from XIII century, the castle is located on the Piedmontese hills of Roero-Langhe. Dwelling of Pralormo family since XVII century, it preserves decors, documents and objects of everyday usage. The castle is so rich of this material that periodically are prepared thematic expositions. A real must for the month of april is the historical park full of tulips, over 75.000 of them in fact, all flowering together to announce the arrival of spring: the event is so-called MISTER TULIP. The alleys of the historical park cross large colored fields and bring the visitors to discover the most extraordinary tulips’ varieties. MISTER TULIP includes guided walks , tastings, botanical workshops, children’s games and cookery courses.
Italian Castle of Pralormo


Castles in Italy: Vignarello castle

Vignarello Castle (Italy)

Located in Vignarello, in the province of Viterbo, (Lazio), it dates back to 853, when the Benedictine monks erected a citadel on the site. Destroyed at a later date, the citadel was rebuilt as a military stronghold at the wish of Beatrice Farnese.
Its wonderful Italian garden, to this day regarded as one of the most beautiful Italian parterres, includes a huge basin surrounded by a balustrade. It is a perfectly rectangular space crossed by four avenues and subdivided into twelve aligned parterres, composed of mixed hedges of bay, laurel, and box. Lower box hedges go to form patterns within the frames thus created, tracing also the initials of Ottavia Orsini and her sons Sforza and Galeazzo, in the central beds.
Italian Castle of Vignarello


Castles in Italy: San Pelagio castle

San Pelagio Castle (Italy)

The San Pelagio Castle is also called Villa Zaborra after the Earls of Zaborra who have owned it since the 1700s. The central unit consists of a 14th century medieval tower with its battlements intact. This splendid national monument is bordered by a well articulated park with a main garden, a secret garden, century-old hornbeams, an orchard, a fish pond and an ice-house. Its collection of very old English roses is famous, as is the thermal bath from the late Roman period. It is also famous for its Museum of the air and of space in homage to Gabriele D’Annunzio. Over 300 models of airplanes, hot-air balloons, period uniforms and engines cover the history of flight from mythology to current day. Ample space is dedicated to the conquest of space, and it makes the San Pelagio Castle, unique in Europe for its aeronautic collection.
Italian Castle of San Pelagio


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