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The most beautiful beaches near Rome

The summer goes crazy and all we think about it’s holidays, sea, relax and above all beaches.

Last year we wrote about the best seaside place of Lazio. This time we want to talk about the most beautiful beaches near Rome, for the ones who want alternate monuments, history and the scene of the eternal city to the peace and freshness of the sea, to refresh their body and soul. Rome’s coast offers many choices to suit your taste.

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By PatafisikOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


The coast and the dunes of Capocotta are among the best preserved in Lazio region and also in Italy. With a considerable extension it spreads from Ostia to Torvajanica and is fringed with dunes covered by Mediterranean scrub vegetation. It is easily accessible and present pretty clear water above all during the months of June and September despite Rome closeness. Another important feature to chose this beach indeed is that it is one of the closest to the city.



Another close and beautiful beach in the south of the capital is Anzio. Just 1 hour by car or train from Rome, it offers wide and tidy free beaches and beach clubs we want to recommend to the ones who prefer fine sand. Famous also for its nice port and old town center that has very ancient roots. In ancient times it was the capital of the Volsci people until it was conquered by the Romans and legend has it that it was founded by Anteias, son of Odysseus, and brother to Rhomos, founder of Rome. Once there don’t miss Nettuno and the charming Torre Astura.

Castello Santa Severa

Santa Severa

One of our favorite ones is definitely Santa Severa. Its village presents a fine medieval town with a 9th-century castle leaning on the sea and used to be a relevant castle and a sign of the Etruscan civilization. One of the most well-known holiday resorts of the Tyrrhenian coast, it melts relax, natural beauty and culture. Be sure to visit the close Santa Marinella, another gorgeous beach beach a few kilometers far.



Sabaudia is a coastal town in the province of Latina, worthy a visit too. Its beach is our fourth choice, precisely La Bufalara, located in the northern part of Sabaudia, where the coast road is interrupted to give way to a charming path among dunes, marshlands and lakes. This seaside place has an ample beach and the promontory of the Circeo in the distance confers to it even more charm. Another plus is the lack of crown also in august.



Last but not least the marvelous Gaeta. It boasts a strategic and original localization, being set on a promontory stretching towards the Gulf of Gaeta, it is 120 kilometers, midway between Rome and Naples. The town had an important role also dating back to Roman period, thanks to its mausoleum and fortifications. Its historic quarter that it’s definitely worth a visit and will catapult you into a far and magic scenario with a splendid beach right below. The last tip? You can’t miss the grotto of the Turchi!