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The Magic of Rome reflected in Water

Palazzo Braschi is hosting a surprising panorama of one of the most beautiful cities in the world contained in one hundred photographs carefully collected over a period of 12 years, immortalizing Rome reflected in puddles of rainwater, in the Tiber, in its fountains, on its wet pavements. The photographs were taken by Laura Carlodalatri, a journalist specialising in social and political subjects but whose main interest is photography. After the death of her twin brother Mario, an artist and set designer, she has dedicated her life to the world of art. This vacation led her to tackle the Capital, using her camera to narrate and transform Rome through the poetry of water, without the use of filters, special lenses or digital adjustments. The resulting figurative art shows the powerful influence of impressionism.

From 28 september to 28 October

“Rome in Water” 

Palazzo Braschi – PIazza Navona, 2

Information: 060608