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The island of Garda: a colorful oasis

Call of past ages in a variety of ways, such as “Insula Cranie,” “Island of the Friars,” “Island Lechi”, and finally “Isola Borghese”, the ‘Island on the lake is a breathtaking venue that emerges from light water of Lake Garda, a place of rare beauty, a treasure chest that contains history, memories and legends.

Refuge for pirates at the time of the decline of the Roman Empire, owned by the monks in 1220, this quiet corner struck his position so aloof and silent San Francisco, so as to achieve a hermitage in the north, the most rocky, ideal for his brothers that if they took care with great love and devotion. Only later, after having passed into the hands of many masters and be witnessed various vicissitudes in lively historical periods, the island found a period of equilibrium around the end of the 800 to become the extraordinary villa owned by the family that Cavazza, with her in Venetian-Gothic style by the architect Luigi Rovelli, very reminiscent of the Ducal Palace in Venice.

The building is elegant, harmonious and elegant, surrounded by beautiful gardens where you can admire the elaborate designs of hedges and flowering bushes, cedars, lemons, persimmons, pears, pomegranates, oranges, grapefruit, prickly pears, jujubes and capers and olive trees planted more than 600 years ago by the Franciscans but also colorful flowers such as roses, iris, lavender, valerian, urns, bougainvillea, daisies but also cedars, poplars, laurel trees, plane trees, firs and other wonders typical Mediterranean diet. Surprising the presence of tropical plants like agaves and cycads and palms of the Canary Islands.


The best time to travel in this dimension sophisticated is the summer season, which officially opens from March 31 and goes on until October: many months to see with their own eyes quest’aristocratica house that, since 2002, has opened the its majestic door to the public to know that precious historical, cultural, artistic houses, admiring its many lush exterior as the interior, featuring furnished rooms embellished era.

Easter and Easter Monday are good excuses for a day out on the lake, hoping for the complicity of the good weather, involving friends and family by taking advantage of the package “Easter Family Day”, a solution that allows you to make unique every moment of the day for young and old ready to breathe deeply the spring air and indulge in a variety of activities including a guided tour, lunch as well as offers designed for young guests including games, entertainment and fun. The magic starts from the port of Torchio Manerba ready to head to Villa Borghese Cavazza for a tour of a thousand shades.

One of the cult is the aperitif on the terrace, a sensory experience that wraps an indescribable landscape of colors and scents of the flowers and the lush vegetation that surrounds ready to get caught by the throat accompanied by local products to taste a glass of claret, a fine local wine.


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