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The Great Beauty Movie Diary

The Great Beauty movie

While waiting to know if the 3rd march it will win an Oscar, we strongly recommend you to leaf through La grande bellezza – diario del film [The great beauty – Movie Diary] (Feltrinelli).
This book is a photographic documentation by Gianni Fiorito halfway between set photos and shots stolen to The Great Beauty characters.

the great beauty toni servillo

The photographic book dedicated to the ones who loved Paolo Sorrentino’s film

A collection of shots that captures also cut sequences and disclose us, shot after shot, the attention in the study of men faces, at times grotesque, that live in The Great Beauty world, at the same time supporting the director work during the film shots and his directives on the set. The photographic book, dedicated to the ones who loved Sorrentino’s film, was born during the last month of the shots, as a testimony of a great artistic and cultural adventure of which this rich documentation is a brilliant proof.


The Great Beauty Movie Diary – Paolo Sorrentino Intro

The book introduction was committed to the director himself, Paolo Sorrentino, who describes Rome sounding out its soul: « the greatest holiday resort in the world. This is Rome for me. The defeatist complains, people used to moans, a constellation of human beings that don’t do anything but compare Rome to London, Paris, New York, considering this city as eternally defeated. They don’t ever try to compare it, for instance, to some dull industrial capitals to consider it as victorious. But I suspect that, keeping alive, in the guise of mundane idle talk, the criticizing view of things is a slapdash attitude and a profitable activity. My modest reflection is: seeing evil everywhere you risk to really become something that has to do with evil. In other words, I insisted day and night making films not to easy point the finger at thing that are wrongs, but on the contrary I dit it looking for beauty and positive feelings everywhere. Even in things that, in the popular opinion, are considered wrong. Rome has a objective beauty, you can see it in things, in the architectures, in the visible stratification of centuries, and then there is an hidden beauty, invisible at times. The latter is inside the people. »

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Photos: Gianni Fiorito