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Thanksgiving 2012, between banquets, parades and turkeys 'pardoned'

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of Christian origin, born in gratitude for the end of the harvest season. It is observed in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada on the second Monday of October.

This tradition has its roots in the history of the Pilgrim Fathers, who persecuted in their homeland for their religious beliefs, they decided to leave England and go to the New World. When they arrived in Massachusetts, winter was just around the corner and found a wild territory where attecchivano the seeds they had brought from Plymouth. The continent had hitherto inhabited only by Native Americans and it was they who taught the Pilgrims what products to grow and what animals to breed: mainly corn and turkeys. After the hard work from the beginning, the pilgrims indissero a day of thanksgiving to God for the abundance received and to celebrate the success of the first harvest, which also invited the Indians.

The pre-Christmas story also had those who have challenged: Judy Dow and Beverly Slapin published a book in which he cast doubt on the story of the first Thanksgiving. The North American scholars wonder if the development of the myth of the first Thanksgiving does not serve to reject the guilt of the white man for stealing the continent to the natives.

Nevertheless, this is the festival in importance in North America is considered as a moment of silence with his family, an occasion of joy and fulfillment, to be spent watching the football game and Dine sontuosamente.L ‘alternative to the football game is the cinema: this year the hottest movie will definitely ‘Lincoln’ by Steven Spielberg, since, although the first Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, it was Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to finally choose the day to celebrate the classic dishes Thanksgiving.Le lunch (or dinner) are the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie (pumpkin pie) and the cranberry sauce, which is to dress the star of the meal: the turkey, which may be accompanied by a multiplicity of variants such as white meat, venison, oysters, clams, fish, cakes, cereal, dried fruit and noccioline.Ogni years is discovered a new star among the fowl: the day before Thanksgiving, the White House, there is the traditional ceremony of ‘grace’ Presidential Two turkeys, known as the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation. Cobbler is the ‘official White House turkey,’ but you will not be able “to carry out its commitment to the – President Barack Obama joked – Gobbler (the replacement for this year) will be waiting at the gate.” Turkeys ‘pardoned’, from 2010, then moved near the capital, within the historic home of George Washington at Mount Vernon, in a fenced area, open to visitors until January 6. Between 2005 and 2009, the ‘turkey official ‘took part in the parade at Disney in California or Florida. Shows similar to that of Disneyland held in Houston, Chicago and Charlotte. The oldest parade in truth is the’ Dunkin ‘Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade’ of Philadelphia, which began in 1920, four years before the famous ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’ in New York. On this occasion, dozens of giant inflatable balloons in the shape of famous people on the streets of Manhattan. It is particularly striking to observe the night before the parade as they are inflated the balloons in front of the American Museum of Natural History.Dopo the devastating hurricane that Sandy has put a strain on the city of New York and the entire Northeast – even deleting the important events of the City as the ‘Halloween Parade’ and the marathon – the Thanksgiving Day will enjoy a mild and sunny. Americans can then say “thank you” even the weather by spending the day with your family or on the street to see the parade. To quote Barbara Streisand “Do not rain on my parade” (the letter does not make it rain on my parade, or “not to ruin my dreams.”) are made even the wishes of those who want to celebrate Thanksgiving but has difficulty returning home, for example, students, thanks to the technology that runs their Aid: Skype, FaceTime, AirTime, ooVoo, and Google Hangout can participate virtually at the family dinner. U.S. cities in the perfect conclusion to dispose of the great feast is the mad dash to the shops open all night on the occasion of Black Friday, the day of balances for purchases natalizi.L ‘enthusiasm for the party felt in North America is finally attested by the U.S. Census’ Bureau New’, who wanted to bring some numbers: 114.7 million families celebrate with four locations U.S. in honor of the festival have the name ‘Turkey’, Turkey Creek is something an example, nine municipalities with ‘cranberry’ (cranberry) in the heading, while 37 locations are called Plymouth, where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail in 1620. The list goes on with regard to the figures related to the preparations for the dinner: the number of food throughout the country (64,380), to that of the pastry-baker (4,030), the number of turkeys imported (12 million dollars) and the fowl bred before being served to the table (254 million).

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