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Rome, all the taste of carbonara

There are those who want the pillow, some with sweet bacon. Who swears that it takes only the yolks, who swears that at least one white go there. The carbonara is one of Roman dishes by definition, and those who come to spend a holiday in the Eternal City, maybe close to Valentine’s Day, good reason to want to know where directed to enjoy it.

From Sireno, Via del Vignola 79 in the Flaminio district, where you can eat a lot and well and carbonara is a must. Moving a little you get to Il Quinto Quarto, Via della Farnesina 16, where the typical Roman cuisine also provides excellent appetizers, cheese and pepper and salt cod tonnarelli: here Carbonara is just perfect with crispy bacon, considered one of the best in Rome.

In the center you go to Macaroni, Piazza delle Coppelle 44, where the carbonara is tasty, creamy and pepper to taste, the prices are affordable and the flow subscribers and customers where one of the most prominent recently was Michelle Obama.

Campo de ‘Fiori 23, La Carbonara has always been an institution, thanks to the creamy egg soft and enveloping, well browned bacon and pecorino in the right proportion, but are worthy of note are the amatricina, pasta paccheri figs, tomatoes and anchovies and lamb. The prices are not exactly cheap, but the location being one of the most famous squares of Rome it is worth, because fame is equal to the name.