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Roman Forum and Globe, dreaming of Shakespeare and back to the stage pedals Têtes de Bois

ROME – An unusual tribute to the English bard in the fabulous setting of Holes: “Secret Passages” this year celebrates love according to Shakespeare. A magical night joke, on the border between reality and fantasy, staged by the famous torques generated by the imagination of the playwright. And yet Shakespeare and his dreamlike at the Globe, with the resumption of the “Dream” by Leoncavallo. At the stage of the Parco Leonardo Têtes de Bois celebrates the bike, in the themes and technique, pedal-powered by the public. Al Fontanone two interesting events: the Favete Lingus, political satire to the rhythm of songs, and the great Roberto Herlitzka with the third part of “his” De rerum natura. At Anagni, performs XX years the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance theater, celebrating the thematic lines of utopia and hope, “two indispensable food of our soul that, in the course of history, have enabled individuals and peoples to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable “. In closing an evening on the great Franciscan poetry by Michele Placido.

A previous staging of Shakespeare’s plays to the Forum
“Shakespeare loves Rome, Rome loves Shakespeare” by William Shakespeare, directed by Roberto Marafante, with Massimiliano Welcome, Maria Chiara Centorami, Pierpaolo De Mejo, Duane Martin, Antonio Grosso, Silvia Salvatori, Lorenza Sorino, Francesca Romana Succi, August 31, 4 and September 15
As part of the seventeenth edition of Secret Passages, in the picturesque setting of the Forum of Caesar / Clivo Argentario, four young couples play to exchange parts stealing words to the famous Shakespeare plays. A path of texts on the theme of crazy, elusive, betrayed, tormenting, virtuous and sublime scene in seven intertwined love stories drawn from many works (As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Penis ‘s Labour’s Lost, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summer). Music by Purcell.
Info: Secret Passages: Shakespeare loves Rome

“Dream of a Midsummer Night” by William Shakespeare, directed by Riccardo Cavallo, with Jerome Alchieri, Claudia Balboni, Federica Bern, Sebastiano Colla, Francesca De Berardis, Roberto della Casa, Nicola D’Eramo, Daniel, Grassetti, Fabio Grossi , Valentina Martial, Claudio Pallottini, Andrea Pirolli, Raffaele Proietti, Carlo Ragone, Alessio Pilcher, Mark Simeoli, August 13 to 25
Melancholy tale with a happy ending, dream-like atmosphere of a magical night inhabited by fairies and elves. Three worlds are in opposition, that of reality, that of the theater of the imagination as the story unfolds between dreams, nightmares and enchantments. Until the triumph of love.
Info: Globe Theater


“The stage pedal» Andrea Satta – Têtes de Bois, directed by Danilo Nigrelli, visions of sand Licio Esposito, August 23
A journey into the world of cycling pictures, songs, stories and verses show is an eco pedal powered by the public: the electricity that lights up the stage is generated by a hundred spectators volunteers, who with their bikes attached to a special easel connected to a dynamo, pedaling for the duration of the representation.
Info: Parco Leonardo
“Everything is going well” written and directed by Antonio Fornari, with Favete Linguis (Toni Fornari, Emanuela Fresi and Stefano Fresi) and Augusto Fornari, August 21 to 24
Show of songs and parodies, which should somehow consular Italians, disturbed by the biting political satire of a “saboteur”. Entertainment representative of the two aspects of Italy: the patina of the songs and the worst television and that of the socio-political and economic crisis in the country.
Info: FontanonEstate

“De rerum natura” of Titus Lucretius Carus, with Roberto Herlitzka by Enzo Aronica, September 1
The great actor back on stage for the third consecutive year with a new chapter of the great scientific-philosophical text which he himself translated into a theatrical piece.
Info: FontanonEstate
“Laudado be me or sir,” with Michele Placido and Peppe Need, original music written and performed by: Luca D’Alberto, September 1
The final evening of the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance theater of Anagni celebrates Francis of Assisi and his creatures: the great Franciscan poetry, from the Fioretti, the Canticle of the Creatures, in Jacopone and others.
Info: City of Anagni

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