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Open House at Rome’s Villas

This great hub of food opened in Rome a few months ago and has already proved a huge success. The former Air Terminal at the Ostiense Station has been transformed into four floors of fine food: healthy fried food using the best Italian oils, bufala mozzarella produced according to the traditional methods of Caserta, bread made using 35-year-old mother yeast culture, express pasta, gourmet panini and piadine (wraps) from Romagna. The beer drawn from the barrels and casks is produced in Eataly’s own brewery using prime organic cereals and hops. The coffee is toasted on the premises before reaching the shelves. The chocolate and bakery products are irresistible. Even the flatbread for the ‘piadine’ wraps is made inside Eataly and rolled out on the spot. On the top floor, 8 rooms are set aside for courses: wine tasting or healthy eating (for children and adults) held by experts or famous chefs or slow food professionals. Roman cuisine and dishes from Lazio take pride of place, with a strong presence of local produce. Eataly Roma is a temple of beauty, the beauty of agrofood, art, music and humour. The aim is to encourage people to become aware of what they eat and to choose products of the finest quality.

Air Terminal Ostiense
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Information: 0690279201