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Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals – 2016 official chart

Any excuse will do for coming to Italy, but this worths twice. Carnival it’s on the corner ladies and gentlemen, and Italy + Carnival are like two magic words together.

Perhaps the celebration that more represents escapism, release, outburst; at least for some days you can become whoever or whatever you want and you’d ever wished, expressing yourself in a totally free way. Moreover…colors, dances, joyful noise. A feast with very ancient roots dating back to Greek and Romans times continuing until nowadays with new features and highlights. In italy you’ll be spoilt for choice, so we’re going to list down some feasts around Italy that for some reasons are more interesting or charming.

Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals - Carnevale Venezia


Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals

Venice Carnival is Italy’s most famous and prestigious one and probably dates back even to year 1094. Not for nothing it is among the most well-known in the world, also for the enchanting city setting and atmosphere. Imagine romantic boat parades, hand-made and refined masks and costumes pouring out in the fairy-tale San Marco Square, and every alley of the “city on the water” made even more magic thanks to these suggestive characters. No more words needed, just come.


Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals

Twinning with world’s most beautiful Carnival, the one of Rio de Janeiro, is Cento Carnival, in Emilia Romagna region. With ancient roots too, it was depicted in 600’s paintings and boats 20 meters high floats and the ritual of the “Gettito” (launch), consisting in a massime throwing of objects and gadgets as balloons and stuffed animals from the moving parade. Not to miss also the stake of “Tasi”, Cento’s peculiar mask dating back to XIX century.

Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals - Carnevale Fano


Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals

After Venice one, Italy’s most ancient Carnival is the one held every year in the tiny Fano, a village in the Marche region. This feast dates back to 1347 and is celebrated with majestic floats and fireworks that attract many tourists from all over Italy. As in Cento, here you will participate in the “getto”: that is throwing of sweets, candies and chocolate on the celebrating crowd. At the same time theme folkloristic bands and concerts will gladden you all day long.

Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals - Carnevale di Putignano


Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals

Let’s descend through the Italian “boot” to land in Apulia, at Putignano precisely, where is held the biggest Carnival celebration of the region. So beautiful that it last 2 months! It starts December 26 to end in Fat Tuesday indeed, with the Funeral of Carnival depicted as a pig. Real papier-mâché masters and schools confront to make the most beautiful creations, that are on stage during the plenty of events of this marvellous feast attracting and engaging lots of people.

Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals - Carnevale di Acireale


Most Beautiful Italian Carnivals

Southernmost carnival of our list is the most beautiful of the fabulous island of Sicily, Acireale carnival. A real exaltation of music and colors, this feast stages numerous culinary and music events enhanced by amazing floats, flowered floats, costumes and masks crafted by real artists and artisans working all the year round to create these timeless works of art, enriched with lights and animated by incredible choreographies, acquiring the extra mile in the baroque scenario of the charming Acireale.