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Message from the director of the Vatican Museums

Dear friend, let me call you like that because I consider your work essential for the proper functioning of our Vatican Museums and it is for me indispensable and decisive collaboration. Recent days, the celebration of the fifth centenary of the opening of the vault of the Sistine Chapel has received the sensational media attention nationally and internationally. The unanimous admiration for the supreme masterpiece of universal joined however the widespread concern about the abnormal pressure of tourism on a daily subject Sistine Chapel. Five million visitors each year, with peaks of 25,000 visitors in the days of maximum flow problems trigger proper storage it is my duty to face and try to solve with care. I’m doing it together with the staff of my technicians providing for the implementation in a reasonably short time, a new and more ‘efficient air conditioning system of the environment to ensure dust suppression, control of temperature and humidity, a better ventilation. I am confident that these technological measures may lessen the discomfort of visitors and ensure optimum environment for the conservation of the frescoes. I know that each of you loves the Sistine Chapel and is proud to communicate the glory and splendor of visitors to the Vatican Museums. for this in a spirit of friendship and sharing of intentions, I need your help. What I ask is to strive to better, more and more and with greater consistency and efficiency so that your visitors can both convenient to the site. Some things in particular I recommend:
1. illustrated and underlined always, people and groups led by you, before entering the Sistine Chapel, the sacred character of the place.
2. impose and do respect the silence, be your (avoid drawing too quietly because the noise becomes intolerable at once) and that of visitors.
3. remember that in the Sistine Chapel one can not take photographs in any way. Know explain the reasons for this prohibition needed.

Our custodians engage in an efficient and commendable to preserve the Sistine Chapel from the chaos and noise, but your cooperation is that I have a particular need.
There are penalties for those who do not abide by these few simple rules and ragionevolissime. But I èchiaro which is neither the law nor the fear of sanction to be able to really change things.
I am convinced that you will love you have for the Sistine Chapel and Imerovigli common to represent the strongest warning that this has to be implemented.
Thanks and sincere appreciation for your hard work delicate

Antonio Paolucci