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Lazio’s hidden places Vol.1

Italy’s territory is extremely varied. Each region presents peculiarities that create a multicolored collage

This time we are going to talk about the region of Lazio

It boasts important attractions and landmarks; for instance we all know the touristic importance of Rome, its greatness, but this region has much more to offer. Here we propose an alternative itinerary for those who want to discover Lazio’s hidden places.

Lazio, Italy hidden places – Artena: at mule pace

Let’s start in the discovery of the most precipitous village of Lazio, “at mule pace”.
Docile and kind this animals accompany us through our visit in Artena’s old town center, inaccessible to other engine-driven means of transport. In a timeless atmosphere you can walk discovering ancient houses, noble palaces and many chapels that seem to climb on one another on the steep slope. This natural pedestrian zone is framed by a gentle hill landscape of the Lepini mountains. Among staircases and narrow alleys, in this ancient 12th century village, you will meet these funny animals, protagonist of he annual City quarters Palio and employed in everyday services.

Lazio, Italy hidden places – Nemi: goddess mirror

Perched on the edge of an ancient volcano crater, you will find Nemi that overlooks a beautiful lake with Genzano on the background. The lake used to be called “Diane Goddess Mirror“, that dwelled in this woods of whom she was the procuress. The great temple on the lakeshore in fact is dedicated to her. Starting from the ancient Palace door, to climb down towards the lake will feel like a descent through the mystery. Inside the museum you can admire what is left from the celebratory ships built by the Emperor Caligula as a sign of power and splendor, all that in a fantastic bucolic frame.

Lazio, Italy hidden places – Appia Antica: the first highway

Set the clock back in time to this journey on the queen of modern highways, Appian Way. An engineering masterpiece that allowed the development of villages and towns with a shining history, it is one of the earliest and strategically most important Ancient Rome roads and connects Lazio to Apulia. The favorite of Grand Tour travelers, still today it offers forgotten sights and atmospheres. At the foot of Artemisio Mount you could walk through Velletri medieval alleys and going ahead towards north on the Regina Viarum, you will discover both Genzano Middle-Ages origins and the nice Ariccia, also a temple of food. Then we can land at Albano Laziale where we can find out the signs of the first urban settlement of the Roman age. The last step of this charming journey is Castel Gandolfo, fringed by medieval walls and beloved residence of the popes of all the eras.

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