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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

As group creator, am I financially responsible for all members of the group?

One of the advantages of using our website is that each participant of the group is financially independent. The group creator is not financially responsible for each member within the group, he is only responsible for his individual party. Each participant within the group must submit his own financial guarantee at the time of booking, therefore, all parties are financially independent.

Is the group creator responsible for collecting payment from each member of the group and submitting the total payment to the driver at the end of the tour day?

Each party within the group is financially independent. We do require a credit card to be provided at the moment of the booking, however we only request this information as a guarantee of the service, in accordance with our cancellation policy. Each party of the reservation is guaranteed by his own credit card so the group creator does not assume liability for other parties within the group. We do kindly request the payment be made at the end of each tour day, in the form of Euro cash, directly to your driver. Payment is made individually by each party within the group, directly to the driver at the end of the tour day, therefore the group creator is not responsible for collecting money from each passenger to make the total payment.

I submitted a reservation form, why didn't I receive a confirmation voucher?

We do apologize for this inconvenience, however sometimes the confirmation vouchers are sent to your spam folder. Kindly check in your folder and if you have not received it, please contact us via email and we will re-send the voucher. In order to avoid any issues, please add our email, (info@italyrometour.com), to your address book.

What happens if the group does not fill up?

We proceed with the tours even if they do not fill up to the maximum number of guests indicated. We only cancel a tour upon written request in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Do you book the tickets for us?

There are some tours in which the tickets are included and some others in which they are not. Please, check the details of each tour.

What happens if someone in the group is a "No-Show" on the day of a tour?

As each party within the group is financially independent (i.e. submits their own guarantee for services), if someone is a no-show the day of the tour, this does not affect the rate for the other members of the group. The per person rate for the tour does not change if someone cancels less than 7 days before the scheduled service or is a no-show the day of the service. As per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to charge the individual(s) who cancels less than 7 days before a tour or does not show up the day of the tour, for their portion of the amount due for the tour.

How do I cancel my reservation/participation in a group?

As per our cancellation policy, please submit written notification/request to cancel via email 7 or more days prior to a scheduled tour for cancellation without penalty. Please include the name on the reservation, the number of guests cancelling, the group name/number and scheduled tour date. We will then send an email confirming the cancellation. If cancellation is received less than 7 days prior to a scheduled tour date, as per our cancellation policy, we do reserve the right to charge you for the full amount due for your individual party within the group.

What type of vehicle will you use for the tour?

Depending on your group size, we will either use a (Sedan) or a minivan for your tour. In the case of a group larger than 8 guests, we will either use multiple minivans, depending on availability.

Can parties from different cruise ships join the same tour?

Unfortunately, we require that all participants in a group be sailing on the same cruise ship. Due to the multitude of risks associated with combining guests from different ships, such as different port times and terminal locations at ports, we are unable to accommodate groups comprised of a mix of guests from different cruise ships.

How can we locate our driver upon arrival?

Please note that one of our drivers will be waiting for you at the gangway of your cruise ship or outside the cruise ship terminal, upon exit of customs, holding up a sign with the group’s name on it. The email that accompanies the voucher you receive at the time of the booking will indicate the meeting point for each specific port. We do suggest that the group meets onboard before exiting the ship. In this way, all members of the group will arrive together when meeting the driver and the tour will commence more efficiently. Otherwise, our wait time for all guests to arrive to the driver for group tours is 20 minutes, after which time the tour will start.

Is the tip included in the quote? If not, how much should we tip the driver?

Tip is not included in the quoted rates. Gratuities are not mandatory in Italy, however we do feel that if the customers have been happy with their service, the driver should receive a tip as a token of appreciation. Standard gratuities in Europe run between 10 – 25% depending on the service received

I set the maximum number of guests at 8 for my group and I have two guests in my personal party. Why does my voucher show the rate for 2 guests, not the rate shown on the webpage for a group of 8 guests?

The voucher received at the time of booking reflects the rate per person based on the total number of guests currently registered in your group. Each time someone joins (or cancels) your group you will receive an automated confirmation voucher reflecting the new group size, contact info for members of the group and the new rate per person.