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Emotions on top of the Mt. Blanc: summer tours

Most people are familiar with the Mont Blanc just because it’s the highest mountain in Europe, with its 4810 meters, studying at school is located amongst the Valle d’Aosta and the Haute-Savoie, between the territories of Courmayeur and Chamonix. And ‘one of the most visited places in the Alps and one of the largest areas covered by ice, with less than 65 glaciers of which the largest are located on the French side.

At 2175 meters above sea level is the highest botanical garden of the Old Continent: it is the Saussurea Alpine Garden, which enhances the natural species of native flora. As for the fauna, however, meet easily Alpine chamois, deer and roe deer, ibex, marmots, eagles and at least 184 species of birds. During the Second World War, the Mont Blanc became the battlefield of Europe’s most high-altitude: first the Torino hut, then the Col du Midi have witnessed the clashes between German soldiers and partisans, before the others and various battles of resistance .

‘s History is without equal, and among other primates is worth mentioning that of the birth of the first companies of mountain guides, being a destination for explorers and mountaineers down from the late eighteenth century: the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix was the first company guides to the world, born in July of 1821, while the Alpine Guides Society Courmayeur, in 1850, was the first Italian company of mountain guides and the second in the world. It is no coincidence that his office became the Alpine Museum Duca degli Abruzzi in 1929.

Mountaineering as such is attributable to the first companies attempts at climbing these places: the first ascent of Mont Blanc was made in 1786 by Jacques Balmat and crystal-digger by your doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, while the first woman to reach the summit was Marie Paradis in 1808.

With the proper equipment and an expert guide, you can feel the emotions that can give the Mont Blanc, feeling the snow crunching under our crampons and seeing the play of light and colors on the snow while proceeding towards the summit, both from the French that from the Italian. No less impressive are the slopes by cable car, which allow you to stop at various levels to admire not only the surrounding landscape, but also the Botanical Garden Saussurea and crystal exhibition.

The crossing is an enchanting journey between Italy and France: it starts from La Palud in Courmayeur, for Le Pavillon and Punta Helbronner, location called the Terrace of the Glaciers from which you can see the contours of the majestic Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradise. From here you can reach the French station of the Aiguille du Midi, until you get to Chamonix.

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On the normal route on the French side from June reopen the Gouter Refuge, with reservations that can be made mandatory from May 2: at 3835 meters above sea level Aiguille du Goûter is the highest in France. Reopens after 3 years of work in a new form built according to the canons of modern technology: it has the shape of an egg in wood covered with a steel shell, is powered by solar and wind energy and follows a philosophy of eco-friendly. The bed and breakfast start at € 70, half-board from € 95.

The Mont Blanc Refuge is located a few kilometers from Courmayeur in a quiet corner of Val Veny, at 1700 meters: for the dormitory rates ranging from 14 € to 44 € the night half board, and the room starts from 3-4 beds 16 euro with 47 euro for half board and the room of 2 beds starting from 20 euro and 51 euro for the night for half board. The historic Rifugio Torino, enlarged several times, is formed from the Old Turin, with 38 beds, Turin and New, with 160 beds. Prices range from 65 to 48 euro full board, half board, with 20 Euros to 10 Euros for bed and breakfast.