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Cool places to eat in Testaccio

One of Rome’s main attractions is, of course, the food. And while the places to have an amazing meal in the Eternal City are numerous, it can be little bit tricky for travellers to find their way among the almost infinite list of restaurants, trattorie, pizzerie and street food parlours. Every neighbourhood in Rome has its fair share of cool spots. We are starting today with one that’s probably among the best when it comes to food: the Testaccio rione.

Famous for its artificial “hill”, made out of the discard pottery urns and vases used for commerce during the time of the Empire, Testaccio may not have as many sights as other places in Rome (although the Protestant Cemetery, the Cestian Pyramid and the Macro Museum of Modern Art are all worth a visit, among others), but it certainly is one of the best parts of town to get a true Roman gastronomic experience. Here are a few suggestions.

Go classic – Da Felice

If you’re looking for a place with a real Italian flavour to it, look no further: Da Felice is considered among the best trattoria in town. While everything here is very good, the stars of the menu are the tonnarelli cacio e pepe. Not only because they are absolutely delicious, but also because of the way they are served: expect a bit of a show while the waiters expertly mix the cheese and the pasta right in front of you! Da Felice is usually packed, so making a reservation is the wise choice to make.

Go trendy – Rec 23

While Rome will always have an ancient, classic feel, it’s not without its cool, modern bars and restaurants. Rec 23 is one of them. Right beside Piazza Emporio, its urban style makes it a wonderful and hip place for an aperitivo, but Rec 23 also has good ideas for dinner and a great location for a Sunday brunch. Cool music, an interesting mix of locals and foreigners and great drinks make for what can only be a very fun night.

Go street – Trapizzino

Roman street food is probably among the best in the world altogether, but some places make high art of it. Trapizzino is probably one of the best at that. An original recipe, the Trapizzino is a cross between the classical focaccia made for the pizza and the tramezzino, the Italian version of the club sandwich. With many possible fillings to choose and a good selection of craft beers, you can either pick your food and go your way or stay there in the recently renovated common tables.

This is just a small taste (an assaggino, as you would say in Italian) of the many settings for a perfect lunch, dinner, brunch or breakfast in this lovely part of Rome. Do make time to visit it when you’re planning your trip here!

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