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Antonio Canova’s work at Palazzo Braschi

An exhibition of Antonio Canova’s work at Palazzo Braschi. Until 7 April 2013, the exhibition shows how the famous sculptor explored early ideas in drawings, which immediately prefigure his
The masterpieces of Antonio Canova, leading exponent of Italian Neoclassicism, are interpreted through their preparatory sketches. Palazzo Braschi hosts an exhibition until 7 April 2013 of 79 drawings by the Venetian sculptor, chosen from the 1,800 or so that make up the largest collection in the world of drawings by an artist, donated to the Civic Museum of Bassano in the middle of the 19th century by Giambattista Sartori Canova, his stepbrother and heir. The exhibition contains a selection of Canova’s production that highlights differences in his methods and design, inspired by ancient sculpture but reflecting the historical personages and culture of his time. Visitors to the exhibition can admire the drawings for monuments and sculptures of Pope Clement XIV, Napoleon, Marie Louise of Austria, Maria Christina of Austria, Charles III of Spain and the Bourbon King Ferdinand of Naples, George Washington, Vittorio Alfieri, Horatio Nelson, Paolina Borghese and commissions from George IV of England and Joséphine de Beauharnais.
The sketches are accompanied by fifteen watercolours of the finished works, six original plaster models, four tempera paintings, one oil painting, two terracotta and two marble statues, illustrating the passage from initial concept to final work and highlighting Canova’s role in 18th and 19th century Europe. The exhibition also contains three major works, the statues of ‘Venus Italica’, ‘Creugas and Damoxenes’ executed for Pope Pius VII and ‘Hercules and Lichas’ for the banker Torlonia.

‘Antonio Canova. Il segno della gloria’
Until 7 April 2013
Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi
Piazza Navona, 2 – Piazza San Pantaleo, 10
Information: 060608