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7 things Romans hate when eating

Different places you visit, different customs you’ll find.

Wherever we go, we’re Italians. The way we talk, the way we think, the way we eat. Is not a mystery that Italians put devotion into cooking and eating, every meal is an important and holy moment, like a ritual carried on since ages and to be preserved and transmitted to future generations. But you know, Italy is a varied country, with different customs, styles and traditions, even at the table. We want to talk about the habits of Romans at the table and 10 things they hate when eating.


1. – Melius abundare quam deficere

Better too much than too little. Our Latin ancestors already used to say it, even more so modern Romans keep saying it. The “gourmet” little portion is a fashion blogger thing, Romans want a full and satisfying plate. It’s a little bit annoying when the waiters serve that micro portions, we are hungry! So, or you increase the dosage or you have to buy smaller plates.

Carciofi bresaola e caprino, una delizia tutta Italiana ❤ Bresaola artichokes and cheese, a treat the whole Italian

2. – Eat with your hands

Cutlery are just frills of a not pleasure-seeker enough culture. Roman food has an inner peculiarity that request the use of the hands. You are going to enjoy your meal exponentially if you can do it in a proper wild way. Try eating pizza or “coda alla vaccinara” with fork and knife… Not the same.. Not for nothing grilled lamb ribs in Rome are called “scottadito”, that is fingers burner.

Romana pizza @ Fornino

3. – Romans like Roman Pizza

We know, pizza from Naples is amazing, thick and soft, but Rome’s one is different and equally tasty. Eternal Citizens love that one the most, the “pizza alla romana”: thin, crisp, so light and digestible. So, let’s order another one!


4. – When eating we talk only about eating

Table manners say: “don’t talk with your mouth full”, but who cares! Eating is a great occasion to meet old friends and family and it’s a lovely thing to share thoughts and anecdotes at the table. Put to one side talks about politics or love, just talk about food and recipes.


5. – Sunday means small pastries

Sunday sweet par excellence is the famous tray with small pastries inside, wrapped with a ribbon. You’ll be spoiled for choice with different flavors and shapes. If you want to try also something else you can go for home-made tiramisu or trifle or traditional sour cherry pie.

6. – Carbonara, Amatriciana, Cacio e pepe

Don’t even try to cook the following dishes if not in the proper way! Carbonara needs the egg in a special state, not too liquid not too solid. Amatriciana must include: guanciale, not bacon, and pecorino cheese. And last but not least Cacio e pepe must present that tasty sauce and can’t be served as a unique dry block.

Saltimbocca alla Romana

7. – Dishes have to contain the word Rome

Romans are quite proud of their origin, also when dealing with food. Woe to the ones who bring to the table something that has nothing to do with the Capital. It could be cause troubles or epic food battles. To be on the safe side cook: Roman tripe, Roman saltimbocca, Roman broccoli and so on. All dishes are better if “alla romana” version.