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5 Nativity Scene-like villages in Italy you have to visit

Few little stone and tuff houses scattered. Ancient walls, castles, medieval alleys, stunning cliffs. A timeless travel, from the south to the north of Italy through 5 enchanting villages chose for you by Italy Rome Tour.

5 Nativity Scene-like villages in Italy ideal for Christmas Holidays - Erice - Sicily



An historic little town on the top of Mount Erice (2,460 ft above sea level), it is situated in the province of Trapani and provides spectacular views on the Punta del Saraceno and the Aegadian Islands. Ir presents Middle Ages features but it’s much older: the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans, in turn, conquered the city, while Arabs used it as an important foothold. Ancient Elymian and Phoenician walls surrounding it, two castles, one of them built on ruins of the ancient Temple of Venus, it is surrounded by a lush park and hilltop castles alone worth a stop in Erice. Try the funicular to reach the Village from the bottom of the valley.

5 Nativity Scene-like villages in Italy ideal for Christmas Holidays - Pietrapertosa



Famous for the “Volo dell’angelo”, Angel Flight, a breathtaking flight through a kilometric wire that connects the village to the close Castelmezzano, Pietrapertosa in one of the most beautiful villages of Basilicata region. Located in the heart of the Dolomiti Lucane, it is perched among rocks and presents an amazing amphitheatre structure. Relaxing and charming walks in a little known and uncontaminated territory rich of vegetation and green woods.
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Prezza (AQ)



On the Abruzzo mountains, a real jewel of a village that overlooks the Peligna valley and surprises for its tiny and well-preserved old town center: backstreets, palaces, Renaissance churches and unexpected terraces where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas and delicious local delicacies. In its evocative old “borgo”, in the highest part of the residential area, we can cherish two beautiful churches and not so far other rural religious buildings worthing a tour. A life-sized nativity scene.

5 Nativity Scene-like villages in Italy ideal for Christmas Holidays - Pitigliano



Pitigliano sits in the southern limit of the beautiful Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto. It got the name “the Little Jerusalem” both from the ancient medieval landscape of the village and the wisdom of its jewish well-integrated community. Inhabited in Etruscan times it presents plenty of remarkable sights and remains such as medieval and renaissance churches, cathedrals and monuments as the Orsini Fortress, and the tall aqueduct at the very top of the butte. The view on the valley from the centre is pretty gorgeous. Don’t leave the village without visiting the evoking ancient synagogue and the “Tempietto” (Small temple).

5 Nativity Scene-like villages in Italy ideal for Christmas Holidays - Glorenza


(Alto Adige)

With less than 1000 inhabitants, this little gem of the South Tyrol, not far from Bolzano, is surrounded by the original and perfectly preserved town walls, and encloses in its heart picturesque alleys, watch turrets and arcades where it’s a pleasure to indulge yourself. Christmas time makes this little village of the Alto Adige even more magic, thanks to torches that enlighten the main square, while under the porticos the traditional mulled wine, the zelten sweet, wooden toys and Christmas decorations lift the spirit. Once there don’t miss the close Lake Reschen, famous for the steeple of a submerged 14th-century church. Not for nothing Glorenza is listed among the most beautiful Italian villages.