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5 art exhibitions in Italy not to be missed in 2016

We have decided to take a trip through Italy, but a very peculiar one!
5 cities, 5 stops. 5 art exhibitions, to discover great international artists on display all over our peninsula. Have an arty trip!

5 art exhibitions in Italy

Bruegel. Capolavori dell’arte fiamminga

(Bologna, until February 28)

Bruegel, an art movement created by a family where all the members painted. Yes, more than 110 works to retrace the unmistakable Flemish art that was born and evolved in the Flanders between the XVI and XVII centuries to inspire the great themes of Western art history and that amazed the whole world. You could see all the masterpieces of this incredibly talented ancestry. We were literally struck by “The Hunters in the snow”, and believe us so will you…so just go to Palazzo Albergati in the beautiful Bologna.

5 art exhibitions in Italy - Joan-Miro---Soli-di-notte

Joan Miró. Soli di notte

(Udine, until April 3)

One of the most important and representative artists of the 1900’s, Joan Miró went through different phases closely influenced by the cities he worked in. This exhibit gathers an important core of works, most of them never displayed in Italy till now, and linked to a specific moment of his art; a highly prolific but less known artistic stage, included between the first years of the 50’s and his death. A full immersion into the unique colors of the great spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. On top of that the magnificent location of Villa Manin. Can’t miss!

5 art exhibitions in Italy - Matisse-e-il-suo-tempo

Matisse e il suo tempo

(Turin, until May 15 2016)

Curated by Cécile Debray of the prestigious Centre Pompidou, this exhibition at Palazzo Chiablese, Turin will show you not only the connections between the works of Matisse and the ones of his contemporary artists, but a sort of “spirit of that time”. 9 sections with 100 works linked by a chronological fil-rouge from the beginning at Gustave Moreau studio to his demise. Finest works of the artist that ruled the art of the first half of XX century, plus masterpieces of Picasso and Braque, creating an invisible dialogue with the artist.

5 art exhibitions in Italy - Toulouse-Lautrec


(Rome, until May 8 2016)

The French painter, printmaker, draughtsman and illustrator who revolutionized the approach to art and its relationship with the surrounding reality. The one who “tried to do what is true and not ideal”, producing a collection of elegant and provocative images of the modern, sometimes decadent, life of those times, in the bohemian Paris of 19th Century. 170 works that retrace artist’s odd but experienced life. From the Museum of Fine Arts of Budapest directly to the stunning space of Ara Pacis in the heart of Rome.

5 art exhibitions in Italy - Christo-The-Floating-Piers

Christo, The Floating Piers

(Lake Iseo, until July 3 2016)

Next summer Christo, the Bulgarian environmental artist, will re-imagine Italy’s Lake Iseo. The “Floating Piers” will consist of 70,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, carried by a modular dock system of 200,000 polyethylene cubes floating on the surface of the water. You will experience a 3-kilometer-long walkway, strolling on it from Sulzano to Monte Isola and to the island of San Paolo, enjoying a bird’s-eye view with unnoticed angles and altering perspectives. Definitely an extra-ordinary “piece” of art and a breathtaking location.

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