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2,766 years: Happy Birthday Rome!

The city celebrates 2,766 years. As usual, the city’s birthday will be marked with celebrations open to everyone in Rome. Bands will play in the city’s main squares, civic museums will Be free of charge, the bell of the Campidoglio, called the Patarina, will ring, there will be a concert by the band of the city police, and the Certamen Capitolinum will take place, a lively competition between two Latinists exchanging words and literary references.

La Patarina is the name of the bell housed in the tower of Palazzo Senatorio on the Capitoline Hill. It originally belonged to the city of Viterbo, which was excommunicated by Pope Innocent III at the end of the 12th century because it had welcomed members of the Pataria movement (hence the name). The Romans won the bell during the conflict caused by Viterbo’s forays against nearby Vitorchiano and brought it to Rome as a trophy.


The bell was rung to summon people to public councils, to call together the populace and during the election, crowing or death of the Pope. The bell is now rung to mark the day of the foundation of Rome.