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10 signs you were born and brought up in Italy (vol.1)

Italy is a very peculiar country and Italian people are pretty peculiar too.

It seems like we can’t not to carry around as we carry in our heart our Italianity, the specificity of a population, culture, habits, lifestyle let’s say unique in the whole world. We have selected for you 10 distinctive signs that will you make know that someone were born and brought up in Italy. Shown below the first five.


Maybe you know a little bit of Italian language, but it’s not that easy you are able to speak Italian hand gestures language. That peculiar code made of gestures with hands that go with words. Each expression has some specific signs Italians do with their hands. Other people around the world don’t do that, we use it to make our periods more emphatic and to add value to our sentences and we do that in that theatrical way.

Sense of fashion. Everything is now globalized and people take on costumes of other countries and culture. But let’s admit it, Italians have a special sense of fashion. Even in everyday life they have a particular attention to clothes, dress code, hair, trends. My teacher in London used to say to me “you Italians are different referring to style”… well, think it’s true. Put an Italian among other 30 people from around the world and you still will recognize him.

Our breakfast is different. English and American breakfast are tasty and nutritious, but we prefer our own style. You will notice as soon as you get off the plane, once in Italy, that on our morning tables can’t lack the famous cornetto and cappuccino, the breakfast that all the world has learned to love, and the sacred espresso. The one and only short cafe in the little cup of glass or ceramic, as an alternative to the cappuccino you can accompany with our delicious brioches filled with different creams and flavors.

029 Ancona

We feel Sundays as holy days and kinda rituals. A relaxed awakening with no stress. Then a richer and slower breakfast with extra cakes and sweets and then we can go to church or for a walk with our family, friends or loved ones around the village or in the city parks. Here we come with the most awaited moment of the day, the Sunday lunch, usually with all the family. A lot of excellent food like lasagna or hand-made fresh pasta, tiramisu, a proper espresso coffee, some digestives like grappa or “amari” and later, why not, a good nap on the sofa, football matches on the tv and we don’t ask for more.

Italian Pizza

We eat pasta 4 times a week and pizza 1 time a week at least. Everybody knows Italy also for the magic pasta and pizza. Yes, maybe it’s a little bit of a cliche, but the fact we eat a lot of these amazing foods it’s quite true. Many dressings, styles, savors, variations, but we can not be lacking of pasta, let’s say 4 times a week and pizza at least 1 day a week, but we indulge ourselves even more with cut-slice pizza for lunch, especially in Rome, where this delicacy is fantastic.

See you soon for the second chapter of this article!